Saturday, July 7, 2012


Posted on Sat, Jul 7, 2012 at 8:23 AM

Ok, I give up, you win, if you can't fight them join them, as the saying
goes. I've complained about the lousy driving habits around here long
enough. From now on I'm with you, I refuse to use my turn signal, and if I
happen to forget and do use it, I'll do it when I'm actually in the process
of turning, the hell with that 100' thingy. Guess what, surprise, if you
run into the back of my car, I'll sue your ass off for following to close.
I'm going to use the fast lane of traffic exclusively and hopefully impede
everyone that actually has to be somewhere. And when I have to turn, I'll
of course stop in my lane until it's safe for me to crossover, however many
lanes there are so I can get into K-Mart or where ever I suddenly decide to
go . The hell with planning ahead. I'm going to start using my cell phone
only when I get in my car and I'm gonna learn how to text while driving,
this, of course, means sitting through multiple green lights, or until
someone actually honks their horn behind me and then I'll only go at the
last minute so you, my friends, can wait through another red light. I'll
join everyone else and not worry about getting a ticket because the cops
are seldom seen. From now on no more 60 mph speed zones for me on the
freeway, I'm getting in that line always doing 70 -80. And last, but
certainly not least I'm gonna tail gate the hell out of anyone in front of
me. So thanks to all you Spokane and Idaho drivers for helping me see the
light, perhaps joining you will keep my blood pressure down.


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