Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cheers / Jeers

Posted on Sat, Jul 21, 2012 at 8:23 AM

First off the Cheers. To the young cyclist who was riding with traffic on
Division heading north today 7-12-2012 on the street close to the sidewalk.
Kid? I applaud you for being a brave free-spirit on that bicycle of yours,
riding in traffic and doing what feels right. And now...Jeers. You are
playing with objects (cars, buses, motorcycles etc.) that are faster,
bigger and have more metal than your small bicycle does dear child. And
yes, I watched as the bus I was riding on went past you finally and you
looked content with your progress. However, and please take this from a
former bicycle messenger that rode for a living in Seattle back in the mid
90's, there can be situations out there playing in traffic where you will
not end up with a smile on your face. I've been hit by a car three separate
times, had my bike run over by a Metro bus and was run over by a dump truck
(yes, a full sized dump truck) all taking place in downtown Seattle. Whilst
riding and playing (for my job) in traffic five days a week. Automobiles
are not forgiving and most certainly neither are busses and you'll never
hear a dump truck apologize for running over your body. So please, do me
and your family and everyone else a favor. Stay out of traffic while riding
your bicycle (smart kid! Had your helmet on), it might not be cool right
now to be on the side walk with your bike, I understand. Don't be in such a
big hurry to wanna ride and play in areas that are much better left to more
experienced riders. Okay? Thank you...whew.


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