Saturday, August 18, 2012

RE:RE: Downtown Hoodlums

Posted on Sat, Aug 18, 2012 at 8:23 AM

Good evening everybody, I am just taking a break from my "little pity
party" to write a nice fat jeer to the lovely lady with all the tattoos and
piercings. Albeit is a bit hard for me to type as the "stench of my
smugness" is keeping me from seeing things as they really are. And that
sucks, it really does. But, let's all never mind that the initial person in
question has successfully been terrorized by people with a bunch of tattoos
in a downtown location. Because that also sucks, it really does. And I feel
bad about that, I really do. But really, what I want to talk about is me
and all the great and humble things I am doing with others "just like me"
all over this little world of yours. Like, all the money we have raised for
charity and all the positive change I've personally helped to bring about.
And I want to especially mention our "enormous hearts" and the empathy it
shows to everyone, except of course, those who might erroneously say
something about people with tattoos. Newsflash: You apparently are a
hypocrite or "whatever", and that sucks, it really does.


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