Saturday, August 25, 2012

RE: Hit and Run

Posted on Sat, Aug 25, 2012 at 8:23 AM

To the idiot who wrote re: Hit and Run. Before you babble about "Street
Cats", you should find out more about them. They are the cats that were so
cute as kittens that those "nice people", abandoned after they grew up,
either by stopping caring for them or moving and leaving them behind. In
effect they are "Homeless Cats". However you probably feel the same way
about homeless people as you do homeless cats. Most homeless cats remain in
the neighborhood where they were abandoned. They do not "roam for miles".
They still have faith that their "family" will come back for them. They are
just looking for a meal. Two of those homeless cats that I feed have
collars. One of them is a black and white cat with a collar with a blue
tag, on one side of the tag is his name "Sport", on the other side is a
phone number, which turned out to be a disconnected Verizon number, which
indicates the owners just walked away from the cat. The other cat is to
scared to let me get close to him. If you don't believe that people will
deliberately run over stray cats and other animals just read "Really Why",
in the Aug 9-15 2012 Inlander. These are the same kind of people who
deliberately abandoned them in the first place. My point being that people
need to accept responsibility for their actions, whether it is getting
a "cute little kitten", or looking out for them when they drive. As for
your conscience, I hope it bothers you for life.


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