Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dog Owners

Posted on Sat, Sep 29, 2012 at 8:23 AM

Jeers to the selfish, inconsiderate and self-absorbed dog owners. What
gives you the right to allow your dogs to bark 24/7! We can't be the only
one in the neighborhood who are being awaken at all hours because you won't
bring your dogs in when you are home. Plus, you leave then out when you are
gone, sometimes for days on end, so they are free to bark and bark and
bark! It doesn't matter if you have a house sitter! Guess what, they only
show up once a day; don't play with your attention starved pets and leave
within the first 5 minutes! I hope you are not paying them! Sunday's use to
be so pleasant in our neighborhood. But since you refuse to use your bark
collar, that precious pound puppy you ignore constantly is barking
constantly. I hope somebody will take pity on your neglected animals and
take them into their own homes, where they will be truly loved and not be
allowed to just survive as some "Attention Getting" adopted stray trophy
symbol for your shallow-empty hearted- egos!


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