Saturday, October 6, 2012

Car Thief

Posted on Sat, Oct 6, 2012 at 8:23 AM

Car items theft, lower south hill, green Honda, old brick mansion
apartments. 9-28-12. Stolen? Book bag, all college books and computer. My
heart is grieved for my daughter. Thief: My daughter is working so hard to
pay her way through community college. To do this she works all hours
serving abused and mentally unstable, sometimes hostile, youth. This week,
she was quite ill and had worked late, then as she often must do, she had
gone to school with nearly no sleep. She got home and just had to make it
to her apartment and crash. She forgot her bookbag in the car. Overnight,
you broke her window and took her things. Every last dime she had was
recently spent on school books. I just want to appeal to you. She also had
on her computer absolutely precious pictures of a lost loved one, a child,
irreplacable. You took her items, but with it her last effort and energy.
She is still ill, her homework is on the computer you took, weeks of work
in your hands that must be turned in and power to return it, if not sold
already, is in your hands. I'm so tired of people abusing my daughter. She
is brilliant, kind, beautiful girl and for all of her giving, only taking
in return has come to her. Please do the unthinkable. Lay aside your usual
heart and hear a mother's heart. Please return her things. You probably
don't have the resources to use a flash drive, but even if you would not
return computer, and put her homework and pictures on a flash drive it
would encourage her some. In the utter unlikelyhood that you see this and
would do just one thing, if you could at least return her school books it
would be helpful. At this point, she cannot even afford the window you
broke on her car. We are helping as we can and will take from our needs as
much as possible. If you have any of these items and would be moved in your
heart to return them, please drop them off at the Union Gospel Mission on
Trent and just mark, for "K." I know people there and they would get it to
me, no questions asked. This choice affects a person's whole future and
extended family, please have grace.


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