Saturday, November 17, 2012

Learn To Park

Posted on Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 8:23 AM

36 weeks pregnant and can't get in my car" said your sweet little note
tucked in my window. Your penmanship is quite nice btw. I certainly must
apologize. After reading your gentle message I looked at my park job and
noticed my passenger side rear wheel was almost a half tires width outside
the yellow line! I am guessing this caused an inch or two to be lost in the
rarefied atmosphere of the space between my truck and your car or whatever
it was. I am quite sorry for rushing in a bit too fast to park. I should
have instantly sensed the glimmering third trimester Cone of Maternal
Specialness surrounding your vehicle and been seized with the awareness
this was a car of a very pregnant woman and not worried about my son, who
in a deeply psychotic state on the way with me to see his Psychiatrist at
the Doctor's Bldg saw SHMC and thought he was being taken to the hospital,
and jumped out of my truck and started down the sidewalk. I was worried
he'd wander or run off, and in a gravely disabled state could be an extreme
danger to himself simply by the fact he was incapable of taking care of
himself. So, yes, I tried to get parked as rapidly as possible and
obviously missed the pregnant pause to cause me to park within the yellow
lines and not almost half a tire's width outside of it. Rules are rules!
The shame and humiliation of parking so wantonly in violation of good
parking etiquette would have overwhelmed me with despair upon reading your
well written note, however, I was kind of happy I was able to talk my son
into seeing his psychiatrist instead of wandering off and pleased as punch
he was ow with me in my improperly parked truck and would come home with me
as I continue to attempt to keep him from being committed to a psych
hospital. But hey, you sure schooled me, lady. I'll be sure to work on my
parking under duress skills so as to never again inconvenience a 36 week
pregnant woman with pretty good penmanship. Really, I will.

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