Saturday, December 1, 2012

Black Friday

Posted on Sat, Dec 1, 2012 at 8:23 AM

Shame on you. On Thanksgiving night my wife and I went for a 10PM "Door
Buster" sale. This particular sale interested us because we were hoping to
get a 40" TV for $198. The Electronics Dept was packed with people. After
about 15 min. trying to not get run over, we managed to ask an employee
where to go to get in line for the 40" TV. He sent us to the "Dairy" Dept.
From there, we saw another employee with a bunch of the 32" TV's. We asked
him about the 40". He said they had sold them all earlier in the day. At
that point we headed to Customer Service to find out what happened and if
we would get a "Rain check". We spotted a Manager up front who another
customer was arguing with about the sale. We were able to ask her about the
TV's. She said they sold them that night. They had customers there waiting
at 8am that morning and couldn't have them waiting around the store all day
for 10pm, so they sold the TV's to them! We said, "That's not fair to the
rest of us! How can you do that? She said , "Oh it was a Company wide
decision". We then asked, well you didn't give them the price that was
promised for the 10pm sale did you? She said "Oh yes, we had to." You
should be ashamed. Its called false advertising. There is a law against it!


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