Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pissy Patron

Posted on Sat, Dec 8, 2012 at 8:23 AM

you came into our restaurant for lunch today with a scowl on your face
already. It seemed like nothing I could do for you was going to make you
happy. When it came time for the check I asked you and your sweet friend if
it would be one check or two. You said two and she said one and you thanked
her and put in a to-go order on top of it all. I thought that was rude, but
I knew it wasn't my place to say and went ahead and did it. After your
friend paid you questioned where your bill was and I informed you that your
friend had already paid. You two went back and forth about it and I felt
extremely uncomfortable so I left and delivered you a ticket telling you
how much the to-go item was if you wanted to pay your friend for it. You
instead came up and complained to my manager about how you weren't asked
for a seperate bill (even though you were) and you assumed that I would
know you wanted one. First of all you should never assume and secondly,
maybe instead of causing a scene you could hand your friend the $10 and
thank her for being so gracious to a bully like you. She must have been so
embarassed and honestly I felt bad for her and for the sad, angry person
that you are. We fixed your "problem" and out the door you left with of
course no tip for me and no tact for you. I pride myself on good customer
service, NOT kissing your ass. So, next time take it out on someone else


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