Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nice Surprises!

Posted on Sat, Dec 22, 2012 at 8:23 AM

You came back into my life unexpectedly and what a nice surprise it was!
Secretly, I had been marveling at what an attractive person you had grown
into, which was leaps and bounds away from my feelings for you during our
younger days. But through our many interactions, I was delighted to find
out that we had much more in common than I had believed, that we were on
the "same page" in many ways, actually the most important ways. I felt that
there was mutual chemistry, and I don't believe I was imagining it (not to
mention the fact that other people took note of it, as well). Perhaps you
did not intend them, but you sent major signals that you were also
interested (you need to be careful with women, our hearts can quickly get
the wrong idea). I'm not really sure where you stand at the moment, to be
honest, and the fear of losing you as a friend is what prevents me from
ever asking if you think there could be more between us. I know you were
hurt deeply before and I understand if this is what holds you back. I am
going to move on with the rest of my life now, but know that the door is
still open for you, my friend, if you should choose to walk through it. I
will always think of you fondly and I genuinely wish God's blessing on your


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