Saturday, December 29, 2012

I Can't Take It Anymore

Posted on Sat, Dec 29, 2012 at 8:23 AM

It's high time to start pushing back against what seems to be a growing
number of people living in our 'fine' community who seem to think that they
are so important that their lives, activities and philosophies take
precedent over everyone else's. People whose attitudes fairly scream "
dare you to confront my care-less attitude no matter how far over the line
of decency and respect I step'. Well, I'm stepping. I'll start close to
home, with those neighbors of mine who have dogs that are allowed to bark
constantly, not only all day, but well into the evening, and especially
whenever I simply wish to go out in my own backyard. C'mon, people! Are
you so deaf that that you can't hear it? I think not. I call and you bring
him in for what, five minutes? Then he's right back out there, barking his
a** off, which shows a total lack of respect for anyone else's right to go
be outside, in their own yard. I know you can hear him. And, he's not a
Labrador, like you told my 86-year-old mother (but that's a different can
of worms). And two houses to the west, why there's another houseful of
people who obviously share the same credo. What's wrong with you people!
Are you that unmindful of other people's right to enjoy the sanctity of
their own property? Are you that thoughtless? Do you think that it's okay?
Or, do you even think about it? I doubt it. I seriously doubt it.


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