Saturday, February 9, 2013


Posted on Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 8:23 AM

Stinky Singlet @ NC. To the Shadle parent or grandparent with the short
grey hair at the "Stinky Singlet" competition, congratulations on being a
negative influence on our Shadle kids. You obviously have a thorough
knowledge of the sport, and that would be a good thing to talk about in the
stands. But of course you don't stop there! You feel the need to open your
big mouth and proceed to call the NC coach "Froto" amongst other names at
the top of your lungs, and also throw your two cents in at the referee's
and everyone you can on our opposing team in the most disgusting form of
poor sportsmanship I've witnessed in some time. Why don't you go to your
local tavern during a game and act like that? Well probably because someone
would tell you to shut your trap! And after you started running your idiot
mouth, did you see the effect it had on our kids in the stands? Well, they
figured since you were acting that way, it would be perfectly acceptable
for them to start the same kind of taunting/bullying and poor sportsmanship
garbage. Thanks a lot for ruining the game for me, and jeers to you for
being a poor sport, bigmouth, bully shithead and a poor influence. Why
don't you do everyone a favor and stay home when it's a high school
competition and take that mouth to your local bar, I would love to hear how
that works our for you. By the way, the Stinky Singlet, the Groovy Shoes
and other competitions also have a spirit competition in addition to the
sport being played, and bigmouth bully's like you are not teaching the kids
anything positive. People like you are the reason the kids don't have any
respect for anyone or anything these days. Go take a long look in the
mirror and think about it, you jerk. No one likes you at our competitions,
so why don't you just stay home? It would be a win-win for the adults and
the kids.


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