Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lack of Reading?

Posted on Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 8:24 AM

Parents no longer take part of educating their kids? Do you know that some
parents didn't even finish high school? Did you know that some parents did,
yet didn't have the opprotunity to attend college? Do you know that some
parents did attend college to do "their" job? Did you go to college to do
their job? Last time I checked, those parents who did not choose
the "teaching profession," did not go to college to teach. Would you like
to have to do "our jobs" and yours too? Quit whining! Most of "us parents"
don't have three months off every Summer, not to mention Spring and
Christmas break and all those half days, of which you get paid for.
Seriously? Most of "us" parents are putting in nine to fifteen hour days at
work without any of those "perks," yet now you're asking us to do your job
too? Add ADD, ADHD, Peer pressure; Bullying; Advancing technology and
Family bonding time to the plate on top of the nine to fifteen hour days
we're putting in without all your "perks" and your wanting us parents to do
your jobs now too? Come do my job. Walk a mile in my shoes. By the way, my
child loves to read. Quit doing our inventory. You'll be off in two months,


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