Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jeers To The Inlander

Posted on Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 8:24 AM

for only having these four categories and not a new one I would
call "Oatmeal" and under "Oatmeal" people could write in all kinds of stuff
related to oatmeal. Here is an example: "I saw you at the STA station and
you were wearing a sweater the color of oatmeal made with love by my
grandmother, God bless her soul." Or "Yes, I am the 'post-viking Aragorn
looking dude with hair the color of cooling oatmeal' you saw struggling
with a toddler at Target. Not my toddler, some little monster trying to
take my cart. Little jerk" or "Jeers to all the people who order oatmeal at
the Starbucks I work at and who bitch about how watery it is, hey, it's
like wait 30 seconds and it congeals for chrissakes, or put your stupid
fruit in it and brown sugar and WAIT, I just follow the corporate
directions, man, stop drinking haterade with your mocha and oatmeal. It
will thicken. Probably not as much as your skull" or even "Cheers to my lil
pumkin oatmeal, we've made it 7 months and are just as in love as when we
first met when your pitbull killed my pomeranian who was really annoying
anyway". C'mon Inlander, give us an Oatmeal category!


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