Saturday, May 4, 2013

Car Burglar

Posted on Sat, May 4, 2013 at 8:24 AM

Jeers to the individual who broke into my girlfriend's car in the middle of
the night around 1:00 am, April 25th in Spokane Valley. Windows are pretty
expensive to replace, but I'm glad that there is some chance of you feeling
proud of yourself (sense the sarcasm?) for busting through it with what I'm
guessing was a hammer wrapped in a t-shirt. As for everything else you
managed to get your scab picking fingers on, you have made it a very hectic
week or so for my girlfriend and I. She works very hard for her money and
pays for a lot. The Ipod and stereo you've stolen were gifts to her. You
also managed to get your hands on my bag and our two cartons of cigarettes,
leaving the cartons empty you conveniently left my things strewn across a
neighbor's yard. By the way, I hope you were wearing gloves! The
authorities found a finger print on the back door lock and you left your
very nice screwdriver in the driver's seat. The police have taken the
screwdriver to dust it for anymore greasy face picking prints you left on
it. As I'm assuming this isn't your first time breaking into a car, I'm
also assuming you may have a criminal record. Good job for ruining good
giving people's months. ~Angry Guy


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