Saturday, September 7, 2013

RE: Perplexed

Posted on Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 8:24 AM

I truly feel sorry for you that you feel the need to become so defensive
over someone sticking up for a child. Yes I was heated, and yes I was
passionate, these are children we are talking about. Children that grow
into adults. We need to be passionate! Children are molded by the way they
are treated when they are put in our care. These are not little jokes
running around, they are human beings who will someday make their own
decisions and choose how to treat people. This comes about by how they are
treated. When children are learning (ei: making animal sounds!, counting,
abs's) it is absolutely detrimental to their growth to make it into a
negative experience. When my daughter is making animal sounds in a
store-guess what?? I ask her to give me more sounds. I stimulate that
little mind that is so obviously craving learning at all times. i would
never dream of yelling at her for it! and it completely broke my heart when
you said "it's standard reasonable parenting" that is exactly what is wrong
with society!! Not only is it deemed OK but it is "it's standard reasonable
parenting" to treat our children like garbage. I love how you refer to the
animal noises and the child just "making noise". Shopping with kids can be
quite the experience...yeah it sure can. it can be a fun learning
experience. like I said originally he was peacefully in his stroller
minding his own business. sounds like "quite the experience to me!" he
wasn't screaming, he wasn't pulling things off the shelf-he was making
animal sounds! If you're going to get heated over your child doing such an
innocent act then of course you're going to be stressed out shopping. I
have been shopping with my child thousands of times and it has never
been "it's standard reasonable parenting" to disrespect her for any reason.
I didn't approach the lady in the store, what exactly would that of done?
So no, I wasn't a "know it all, nosy, stranger" thanks for assuming though,
oh and why wouldn't I post in the Jeers? I certainly wasn't cheering from
the disrespect to the child!


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