Saturday, September 7, 2013


Posted on Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 8:24 AM

8/27/13 @ 11:50am, Washington and 2nd. You: Driving a blue convertible VW
Beetle, screaming "Get off your phone, you dumb b@!*%!" (presumably not
your finest moment). Me: driving a dirty SUV, screaming "F*@& you!" in
response (not my finest moment, either). The facts: I had put my golden
retriever of 12.5 years down 30 minutes earlier. I had finally stopped
bawling like a little kid 5 minutes earlier. I had to be back to my
stressful job as a law office assistant 5 minutes later. I was stopped at a
stop light when I chose to quickly respond to my friend's thoughtful text
of "I'm so sorry about your dog" with "Thanks, it's been a rough afternoon"
I more than understand your concern, but self-righteous, expletive-laden
admonitions aren't going to prevent car wrecks. Why don't you try what I do
the 364 days of the year I'm not putting down a beloved pet; meditate on
how each car contains a whole world of emotions, thoughts, stressors,
imperfections and human beauty and vigilantly apply your brakes when


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