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Get inked with trust at Fortunata.

By the time Noah and Courtney Pasino explain that they set out to build a different kind of tattoo studio, their creation, Fortunata, has already spoken loud and clear for them.

Making your way through the downtown area surrounding the couple's studio might conjure expectations of the grungy, hip decor and biker-bar ambience classically associated with tattoo shops, but Fortunata's sleek, upscale vibe deliberately defies such stereotypes. When I enter through the large glass door, a receptionist offers refreshments while I wait for the Pasinos.

"We saw a big need in the industry for a more welcoming, respectful environment, and we strive to be a place that anyone can feel welcome and comfortable in," Courtney explains.

"Essentially we wanted a place that we would want to go" Noah adds. "We get a lot of college kids, we get a lot of older clientele — people who want tattoos but are maybe kind of scared to get one."

This willingness to make tattooing approachable for the uninitiated has paid off handsomely. In only 16 months, they've doubled the size of their studio, now home to 12 artists specializing in a broad range of styles, from abstract to freehand to Courtney's own photorealistic portraits and plants.

The couple's commitment to respecting their clients supersedes their own financial interests.

"If a client wants a piece in a style that none of our artists specialize in, and we feel they would get a better tattoo from someone else, we would always prefer that they get the best tattoo they possibly can, and we have other friends in town we'll recommend instead," Courtney says.

"It builds trust. Even if we're not going to ultimately be the ones tattooing them, they know we have their best interests in mind. It's not just 'we're here to take your money.'"

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