Readers respond to Spokane teacher pay raises and a gun control measure on the November ballot

Readers respond to an Inlander story about Initiative 1639, a Washington state gun control measure that would increase the purchase age for semi-automatic rifles to 21 and will appear on the November ballot (8/30/18):

Debbie Hamilton Anderson: No one needs a semi-automatic anything.

Emily McBride: Good, but not nearly far enough.

Gordon Maxwell: So let me get this straight. You trust an 18-year-old to be drafted or volunteer in the military where they may get maimed or killed, vote at 18, get married at 18, join a police or fire academy at 18, but are some how immature to own a semi-auto rifle at 18?

Stellan Guy Giffin: Of course it can appear on the ballot, it will just stay there with all the other unconstitutional measures that get put on a ballot.

Pat Marker Erffmeyer: Seems that some are more worried about their guns than their jobs or their health. If only the same thought processes went into understanding what is being done to our lives and other rights.

Larry Cebula: Some of us love our children more than your guns.

Fred Putzeys: North Idaho seems nice. ♦

Readers respond to Spokane teacher pay raises and a gun control measure on the November ballot
Young Kwak
Spokane teachers demand pay raises.

Readers respond to a story about increases to teacher salaries in Spokane Public Schools after union negotiations (8/31/18):

Timothy Brown: Good for them, nothing is more important for the future of this country than an educated population, we need to compensate our teachers.

Lisa Warner: About damn time! Yes, we teach your kids and unfortunately have to raise some of them too. A very difficult and important job and if you want the best, you must be willing to pay for it! Way to go Spokane!

Christopher Barr: Coming soon... a major tax increase to a town near you. ♦

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