Readers react to Washington's attorney general's Comcast battle on behalf of consumers

Letters to the Editor

Readers react to Washington's attorney general's Comcast battle on behalf of consumers
Washington’s Attorney General, Bob Ferguson

Jade D'Vonne: What about the gross overcharging of services after being told your services would be a certain price!?

Ted Hill: Time to play what's my bill this month!!?? I hate this company.

Kimberly Bruce Fullenwider: I got rid [of] them years ago, been with DirecTV and love them.

Karen Kuhaneck Riley: I have heard that their contract FINALLY expires with Spokane next year. Let's hope so.

Jason Michael: They should let other internet companies in the area. Comcast knows they can get away with it. And CenturyLink is not competition, they suck as well

Elizabeth Parker: I love this man. He is a SUPER consumer friendly elected official!!!! His office has helped me with several issues, from parking tickets at my old residence, to a big mistake made on my mortgage by the bank. His office takes their job seriously, and are quick and effective. Please, please, please use their consumer complaint process if you ever have problems with a business.

Kevin Blatt: Comcast charged me a $180 installation fee to plug in my receiver. They told me I "needed" installation.

Randall Bishop: Good... Seems like they add pay hikes when you are late, hoping you will think it is the late fee. I thought it was $5 late fee but I see my last one is $9.50. I am ready to dump them after decade of use.

Dean Lambson: I got fired from there two weeks after posting about this lawsuit when it was first filed. LOL. I worked in sales there briefly and... it's really bad on the inside.

Judy Champion: Yep... the most scandalous company out there. SO glad I DON'T have them anymore! ♦

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