Visual Arts Tour

Your guide to this Friday's big happenings around Spokane

1. First Presbyterian Church 318 S. Cedar St. MIXED MEDIA | “A Celebration of Creativity” features the bronze, acrylics, watercolor, clay, textiles, photography and glass works from the congregation of First Presbyterian Church. 747-1058 ext. 220

2. Irimi Arts and Antiques 112 S. Cedar St. PAINTINGS | Tonalism was a style that emerged in the 1880s when American artists began to paint landscapes shadowed in tone or mists. Tonalists was William Morris Hunt, whose original work is on loan at Irimi Gallery. Live music by Laddie Ray Melvin. Through Feb. 29. 879-4619

3. Trackside Studio Ceramic Art Gallery 115 South Adams St. CERAMICS | “Two Guys Who Make Pots” features Mark Moore and Chris Kelsey an their handmade ceramic sculpture and pottery. 863-9904

4. Barrister Winery 1213 W. Railroad Ave. PAINTINGS | “It’s All About Rocks and Water ...and Other Things” is a collection of watercolor paintings by Gay Witherspoon depicting scenes from around the Northwest. Music by “Lonesome” Lyle Morse. Through March 25. 465-3591

5. Avenue West Gallery 122 S, Monroe PAINTINGS | Chuck and Alice Harmon: Alice paints walls, floors, ceilings and canvases in oils while Chuck calls himself an accidental painter, using any unused tube of paint he finds. Live classical guitar by Gary Burris. Through Feb. 29. 456-3178

6. Scout 1001 West First MIXED MEDIA | Visionary surrealism and inter-dimensional realms inspire the work of Liz Hamilton, who refines the visual and conceptual intersections between photography and various mixed media. Through March 1. 869-2320

7. Grande Ronde Cellars 906 W. 2nd Ave. PHOTOGRAPHS | A collection of black-and-white photographs by Ira Gardner called “Visual Stories” depict stories from places where he has lived and traveled. Through Feb. 28. 455-8161

8. Spokane Public Library 906 W. Main Avenue PAINTINGS | “Special Moments” features realistic and Impressionistic oil paintings from Spokane artist Lyn Bailey. 509-368-1252

9. The Steam Plant 159 S. Lincoln St. PAINTINGS | Melissa Carpenter’s “About Face” features the Spokane artist’s paintings that show how people relate to the world and others through emotions. Complimentary samples of Steam Plant’s handcrafted beers and features reginal wines available. 995-9745

10. Chase Gallery at City Hall 808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. MIXED MEDIA | “Only Time Will Tell: Riverspeak at the Chase.” Features artists in all disciplines from Spokane and the Riverspeak Collective, including Amia, Rajah Bose, Allen Duffy, Aaron Fink, Tiffany Patterson, Ryan Weech and many other artists and poets. Through Feb. 24. (See this week’s art feature for more on this show.) 625-6079


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11. Kress Gallery at River Park Square Mall 808 W. Main Ave, 3rd floor DANCE | Director Susan Ostersmith and students of the Gonzaga University dance program present this visual arts exhibit titled, “The Essence of Dance.” Opening includes Live Dance Sculpture. Music by Big Bang Theory from 5:30-7:30 and Odyssey 7th and 8th grade jazz band from 7:30-9:30. Through Feb. 27. 238-6989

12. Arbor Crest Wine Cellars at River Park Square 808 W. Main, Ste 35 PAINTINGS | Spokane Valley artist Debbie McCulley paints primarily with acrylics, creating images that are a cocktail of humor and vibrant color. Music by Maxie Ray Mills. Through Feb. 29. 747-3903

13. STA Plaza - 2nd Floor 701 W. Riverside MIXED MEDIA | First Night Spokane “Rising Stars” showcases the best and the brightest performing arts groups and visual artists from Spokane Public Schools and Gonzaga University. 979-4813

14, 25. Spokane International Film Festival The Magic Lantern (25 W. Main) and AMC Theaters (Riverpark Square) FILM | The festival screens films all over the world, including Adventures in Plymptoons, a film that documents the life and work of world-renowned animator Bill Plympton (5 pm at Magic Lantern). spokanefilmfestival. org. 981-8982

15. Barili Cellars 608 W. 2nd Ave. PAINTINGS | “The Vessel Series & Other Works” features the vivid landscapes of painter Ricco diStefano that are known to provide a dramatic use of shadow. Live music by Nordmans. 979-5830

16. Brick Wall Photographic Gallery 530 W. Main/Skywalk PHOTOGRAPHY | “Light in a Box: Pinhole Photographs.” Using the simplest and most basic cameras, Oregon photographer Rich Bergeman provides images of seacost scenes, pioneer cemeteries, gardens and other scenes through a pinhole in a cigar-box camera. Music by the Blue RIbbon Tea Company. Through March 1. 928-7721

17. Dodson’s Jewelers 516 W. Riverside PAINTINGS | “Healing Art” features the oil paintings of Rwandan artist Emmanual Nkuranga who is traveling from his home country for this show. Proceeds from the sale of his art will go to Helping Hearts of Northwest, a Spokane-based group of hear doctors who provide heart procedures to Rwandan children and to Art with a Mission, an organization dedicated to helping Rwandan children through art. Through Feb. 11. 624-4163

18. Nectar Tasting Room 120 N. Stevens St. MIXED MEDIA | “Expression of Hope, Strength and Joy” features local artists and photographers who have paired with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to raise awareness of the wishes occuring in the community. Live music by Karrie O’Neill. Through Feb. 29. 995-5431

19. Pottery Place Plus 203 N. Washington TEXTILES | Toni Spencer’s “In the Trees - Batiks” is inspired by birds and trees of the Inland Northwest and shows works from her 30 years in the field of batik, an Asian cothdying practice. Through Feb. 28. 979-8930

20. Vintage Hill Cellars 319 West Second Ave. “Wine-speration” John Dunning has spent a lifetime making art and his current show includes his works in wood, copper, wine barrels and reclaimed materials. Through Feb. 24. 979-1273

21. Express Employment 331 W Main Ave. MIXED MEDIA | Spokane native and Gonzaga graduate Kathy Gale is a realist in today’s visual art world, creating paintings that lean heavily toward impressionism with an abstract quality. Through Feb. 29. 747-6011

22. MarketPlace Wine Bar 32 West 2nd Ave. PHOTOGRAPHY | Joey Campbell’s photos are marked by unique and interesting perspective of outdoor landscapes and photos feature a variety of themes. Live music by Rob Bryson. Through Feb. 29. 509-979- 2749

23. Main Market Co-op 44 W. Main St. MIXED MEDIA/ACCORDIONS| Local artst Jim Dhillon presents his existential works while worldrenowned accordionist, Patricia Bartell, and other competitiors in the World Trophy Accordion Competition will be playing. 458-2667

24. Saranac Art Projects 35 W. Main Ave. DANCE | “Shift” features Nancy Hathaway’s small-scale paintings and drawings in oil and charcoal and Bradd Skubinn’s large collages of colored plastics and foils from candy and food wrappers. Through Feb. 25.

26. Design Collaborative Co- Sharing Studio and Workspace N. 204 Division, Suite E MIXED MEDIA | “Portal - A Journey Through the Past” is an installation by Garric Simonsen of photographs, postcards and childhood drawings dating back more than 100 years.


27. Area 58 3036 N. Monroe MIXED MEDIA | You’ll find two and three-dimensional art by Ildiko Kalapacs, Jo Fyfe, Elizabeth Collier, Daris Judd, Clancie Pleasants, Diane Barron, Darrell Sullens and Garth Mudge, Ken Hinton, Gayle Anderson, Freeman Butts, Jerre Freshley, Michael Hall, RS Yorke, and Stacy Epley. Through March 31. 327-0427

28. Bryan Oliver Gallery Whitworth Lied Art Center, 300 W. Hawthorne Rd. MIXED MEDIA | Whitworth University presents “Smoke and Mirrors,” which gives a glimpse into the art department faculty through works of glass, video projections, to good old-fashioned paint, the Whitworth faculty offers a wide range of media with a wide range of individual perspectives. Through Feb. 11. 777- 4529

29. Clearstory Gallery 1202 N. Government Way LITHOGRAPHS | Matthaus Evangelium’s show, “Who is Otto Dix?” features 32 lithographs from German expressionist Otto Dix (1891-1969), whose work focused on the margins of society. Live music and hors d’oeuvres. Through April 30. 624-2678

30. Goldenbay Art and Gold 1505 N. Ash St. SCULPTURE/PAINTINGS | Randy Mitchell’s “Art for Gold” installment features Western American sculptures made through a fiber metal casting process with bronze, gold, copper and silver finishes. Also featured will be the pointillist paintings of Gregg Perrenoud. 465- 3229

31. Heart of Spokane 2907 N. Monroe St. PHOTOGRAPHY | “Nature Applied” features metal-mounted photographs of local flora and fauna by photographer Stacy Pelkie. Installed through Feb. 29. 443-4799

32. Jundt Art Museum at Gonzaga University 502 E. Boone Ave. MIXED MEDIA | Jundt Gallery features “Jiri Anderle: The Baruch Foundation Gift.” In the Arcade Gallery: Sahlin Foundation Collection, featuring the work of Jiri Anderle, Chuck Close, Dennis Cunningham, Manuel Isquierdo, Ibrahim Miranda, Roger Shimomura, Robert Stackhouse, Neil Welliver and John Wilson. Through March 10. 313-6613

33. Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture 2316 W. First Street SCIENCE | “Dig It!: The Secrets of Soil” reveals the complex world of soil and how it supports nearly every form of life on Earth. (See this week’s arts feature for more on this show.) Through Sept. 22. 363-5344

34. E.J. Roberts Mansion 1923 W. First Ave. PAINTINGS | “Works by David Millican” features the oil paintings of artist who returned to art later in life after service in World War II and a career in architecture. His subjects include landscapes, ships, lighthouses and still life. 486-8839.

35. Savory Restaurant 1314 S. Grand Blvd. DANCE | This performance by the Spokane Aerial Performance Arts, called “Danza Aerea Nella Notte Rosa” combines the splendor of both dance and acrobatics. Aerial Artists will perform high above guests at Savory Restaurant without mats or safety ropes of any kind. 435-1576

36. Tinman Gallery 811 W. Garland Ave. MIXED MEDIA | Carl Richardson presents “On Point(e),” an exhibit of new photographs and drawings. This SFCC art teacher will also exhibit huge charcoal drawings to complete the show’s black-and-white theme. Through Feb. 18. 325-1500.

37. The Warehouse Gallery 715 E. Sprague Ave., Door 30 (East side of building) PHOTOGRAPHY | Wilford Murray exhibits more than 50 photographic prints at “The Art of the Automobile” in addition to several of the automobiles on display. Barbara Murray features photos from China, Burma and Bhutan with her show, “The Joy of Travel.” Through Feb. 29.

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