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  • Aug 2-8, 2001
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  • Interview with an icon

    A strange thing happens when the absolutely iconic Julie Andrews walks -- or is it glides? Or floats? -- into a room for a chat about her full life, her busy career and other choice subjects. The person she approaches takes notice, flushes slig
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  • Chemical dependency

    I walk through the supermarket looking for some kind of quick snack to tide me over until dinnertime. My eye falls on the box of microwave popcorn. Bright yellow letters in an orange marquee scream out to me, "Movie Theater Butter!" I st
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  • Spiking fever

    More than 100 years ago, an otherwise unknown YMCA instructor named William G. Morgan, at a club in Holyoke, Mass., came up with the game of volleyball. He wanted a fun and challenging game -- primarily for the exercise classes he held for
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  • Letters to the Editor

    If the judge allows for continued scientific review of the so-called Kennewick Man, we all lose. It's understandable that former archeologist Kate Niles would only see value in further desecration, as stated in the commentary "Buryin
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  • Geek chic

    Does anyone realize that there are still G-rated live action films being made? Even the recent Disney animated feature Atlantis had a PG rating. So what gives here? What gives is a film that should be attractive to an all-ages market, meaning
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  • Grease is the word...

    Grease erupted on Broadway about 30 years ago and quickly ensconced itself in the popular consciousness, culminating in the 1978 film extravaganza, starring John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John and Stockard Channing. Since that time it
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  • Seeking Settlement 07/26/01

    In recent months, it was looking more and more like the dispute over the troubled public-private partnership related to the River Park Square parking garage was going to end up in court. Despite a variety of voices calling fo
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  • Citizen critique

    Two nights ago, Mark Wahlberg and I crash-landed together on a planet inhabited by talking apes that ride horses and humans who dress like fashion ended with the Flintstones. He didn't seem to enjoy it as muc
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  • Arts on the Green

    It's quickly become a North Idaho tradition; as much a part of the summer landscape as huckleberry picking and lazy fishing excursions on the lake. Art on the Green, now in its 33rd year, is one of the region's premier arts festivals, and t
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  • The Mondo Marquee

    Something for everyone would seem to be the theme of the 4th Annual IMAX Film Festival now underway at Riverfront Park. It's a grab bag for sure, according to a theatre official who says, "we are really trying to provide a variety of differ
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  • Seeking settlement 07/26/01

    In recent months, it was looking more and more like the dispute over the troubled public-private partnership related to the River Park Square parking garage was going to end up in court. Despite a variety of voices calling for sett
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  • Watch and learn

    Adults and children have been attracted to pastimes involving hitting round objects for centuries. In 15th-century Scotland, such a game was played with a club made of a bent tree branch and a ball made of a small leather bag stuffed wit
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  • Ship(wreck) of state

    The July 24, 2001, entry into the ship's log reads: "The Good Ship Olympia is in its death throes. She flounders absent a functioning captain, and her crew is deserting both fore and aft. The ominous reefs lay dead ahead. Mayday... Mayday... M
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  • Local Briefs

    SPOKANE -- The Upper Columbia Group of the Sierra Club has just released the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial editions of its hiking guides. The two guides cover the Spokane area, the Northern Rockies, the Priest Lake area and many oth
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  • Palapalooza

    DAN ELLIS is a thirtysomething Spokane guy. Dan Ellis is a charter member of the live original music scene here and has played drums in several local bands including Belly Full of Lead and the Flies. Dan Ellis worked as a substitute teach
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  • Loan denied

    Monday night's City Council meeting will likely go down as a handful of others have: as a turning point in the twisting saga of River Park Square and its troubled parking garage. At issue was whether to loan $800,000 to the Public
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  • CD review-American Hi-Fi

    From the opening guitar signature of the album's first cut, "Surround," you get the feeling that this self-titled debut from American Hi-Fi is gonna be a big, sweet, high-energy nugget of ear candy -- one that, although initially gratifyin
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  • Food without labels

    It's one thing to be able to read a nutrition label and know that you're getting mechanically separated chicken, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, disodium guanylate and yellow food coloring #5 (in that order). It's quite another to hold
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  • Bad fat and really bad fat

    Just as we had all gotten used to being on the lookout for saturated fat (bad fat) in our favorite foods, yet another type of artery-clogging and heart-stopping fat is capturing the attention of doctors, dietitians and researchers: trans-

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