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  • Aug 9-15, 2001
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  • The Shaara gift

    How do you write a book for an audience that already knows how it's going to end? It's the kind of question any self-respecting writer of historical fiction needs to consider, and one that has significant ramifications for how the novel is
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  • Plane speaking

    Inside a nondescript hangar within a maze of similar buildings at Spokane's Felts Field is Addison Pemberton's inner sanctum, his holy of holies, his clubhouse for aviation historians and antique aircraft nuts. Inside, you find all the co
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  • From Tibet with love

    Someone asked me to explain Buddhism in a nutshell, and I said, 'Do no non-virtue whatsoever. Practice virtue solely. And completely train your mind.' " Those are the words of Lama Inge, the leader of the Padma Ling Buddhist temple on We
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  • Pun-tastic voyage

    Drawing distantly on the conceits of Fantastic Voyage, that lumbering 1966 science-fiction chestnut, as well as 1987's Innerspace, we once again find ourselves in the innards of man: break us down to the molecular level, and what do we find?
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  • News needed 06/21/95

    It's been strange in recent weeks to watch the public debate on the downtown Spokane redevelopment project, especially the mainstream media's lack of coverage on the topic. Most strange has been the fact that the
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  • Tale as old as time

    I'd heard that the most frightening part of this Disney musical wasn't the beast of the title, but the wolves and ogres in the deep, dark forest. Yet these beasts aren't particularly scary; no need to keep the kids away on their account.
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  • Semantics of the deal

    River Park Square parking garage critics, most specifically the "new minority" on the City Council, continue to muddy the issue by failing to draw necessary distinctions. They begin with a lament unfortunately wrapped in more than a small
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  • Citizen critique-Jurassic Park III

    After seeing this movie, I was very disappointed -- by its reviews! Practically every review for Jurassic Park III that I've seen has been negative. But everything that has been said about it is wrong. It's be
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  • Loan Denied 08/02/01

    Monday night's City Council meeting will likely go down as a handful of others have: as a turning point in the twisting saga of River Park Square and its troubled parking garage. At issue was whether to loan $800,000 to the P
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  • Ready for take-off

    "Spokane is becoming a hotbed of aviation history," says vintage plane restorer Addison Pemberton. And what could cement that trend is a new museum partially devoted to aviation history. The Fairchild Heritage Museum Society is just lifti
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  • Letters to the Editor

    Greg Bayes, in his letter in the August 2 edition of The Inlander, stated that about 50 percent of the world's scientists do not believe global warming exists! Bayes then states that the remaining 50 percent believe that global warming is a recurring phen
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  • The Spokane sun-god

    Spokane's Felts Field has an illustrious history infused with likewise illustrious characters and aircraft. Among the many aviation firsts connected with the airfield was the flight of the Spokane Sun-God, a 1929 Buhl CA-6 sesqui-plane th
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  • Work remains on Riverpark mall 06/21/95

    Despite a string of recent successes, backers of the new Riverpark Square mall project will need to clear some more hurdles before shoppers will be able to visit a brand new Nordstrom store in downtown Spokane. Foremost among those
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  • Open air entertainment

    Here in the Inland Northwest, natural settings are abundant. They surround us, with the Rocky Mountains yielding the sun in the morning, and the more distant Cascades receiving it at night. And on a more controlled level, we surround nat
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  • Work Remains On Riverpark Mall 06/21/95

    Despite a string of recent successes, backers of the new Riverpark Square mall project will need to clear some more hurdles before shoppers will be able to visit a brand new Nordstrom store in downtown Spokane. Foremost among
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  • Summer school

    The still night sky is broken only by the straightforward path of a distant satellite as a class quietly finds the constellations from their homework assignment. Another class studies the mythology of ravens before heading out to see the ma
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  • Local briefs

    Public-private pullback SPOKANE -- City Council member Steve Eugster has written an initiative that would make it impossible for the city to spend any more money on the River Park Square parking garage -- for anything other than operating e
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  • Stand and deliver

    When Jakob Dylan and his band THE WALLFLOWERS were recording their second album, Bringing Down the Horse, they weren't thinking about hitting it big. Instead, the goal was far more modest. "When you're a band that's not successful, you're
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  • CD review-Lucinda Williams

    Don't be fooled by the explosion of orange marigolds and pink zinnias on the album's cover. They might suggest the kitschy fun of an Arkansas wedding, but on Essence, the newest effort by Lucinda Williams, the honeymoon is decidedly over.

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