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  • Aug 16-22, 2001
  • Vol. 8, No. 44

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  • Mining for gold

    Mining is a grubby, grueling business. The miner works in the sooty dark, arms sore from the swinging pull of the pickaxe, eyes straining for the sudden, startling ribbon of precious ore. While it might seem like an enormous stretch to comp
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  • Picking his battles

    British film director John Madden, whose Captain Corelli's Mandolin opens this week, has, in recent years, had a solid career on the big screen. His last two films were Shakespeare in Love and Mrs. Brown. But before these successes, he spent
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  • Gallows humor

    The year after my father died of leukemia, I was a freshman in college. Even though I was not Jewish, I started studying Hebrew and making plans to live in Israel. My sister started wearing black lace scarves, studying opera and going t
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  • Eva's story

    Sixty-two years ago, Eva Bialogrod was a young woman living in small Polish town. And while it was clear that storm clouds of war were gathering over her ill-fated land, nothing could prepare her for the ordeal she would suffer over the ne
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  • Citizen critique-The Score

    The Score stars three male actors, Marlon Brando, Robert DeNiro and Edward Norton. A case could be made that these three are the best male actors of their respective generations. Probably Brando and DeNiro have this hands down, though it is t
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  • Catching the reflection

    The components of glass are as simple as the rock of a basalt cliff, the heat of an August day and the dust of a gravel road. Crushed limestone, crushed sand, sodium carbonate and fire are the time-honored ingredients of glassmaking, which
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  • Whole-body healing

    What may sound like hocus-pocus to many Americans is actually considered a very simple, effective and accepted way of healing in many countries around the world. Treating the whole person isn't often practiced in Western medicine, but it
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  • Saving Cheney

    This is one of those good news, bad news columns. The caravan of folks who have made their way to the Seahawks' training camp in Cheney this summer are seeing both sides. First, the good news: the Eastern Washington University campus. Ne
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  • The County's turn

    The Spokane County Commissioners are getting ready to put out the final edition of the highly anticipated comprehensive plan, which will guide growth for the unincorporated parts of Spokane County over the next 20 years. The Board is exp
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  • Local briefs

    COEUR D'ALENE -- The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is hosting workshops in Idaho and Washington about the proposed cleanup of the Coeur d'Alene Basin Superfund site. Meetings in Wallace and Medimont were held earlier this week, b
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  • Chimes of freedom

    ROGER MCGUINN officially dissolved the Byrds almost 30 years ago, but it's impossible for rock journalists to keep a lid on the subject. Though he's enjoyed a satisfying solo career since the mid '70s, as far as the world (and those damn
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  • CD Review-Idlewild

    100 Broken Windows is a refreshing throwback to a time when we all still believed in the vitality, power and thrill of deftly combined bass, guitar and drum. When intelligent, insightful thoughts were communicated concisely with a sympath

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