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  • Jan 17-23, 2002
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  • Altman Meets Agatha

    It was only a matter of time before maverick film director Robert Altman got around to assembling an ensemble British cast, sticking them in an environment where they would constantly bump into each other, then having them all talk at once.
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  • Death by Chocolate

    The legislative session has begun, and our elected representatives face a most dismal fiscal and budgetary picture. What to cut? How to raise revenue in an economy that is, for the time being, gasping for air? Then, to make matters worse,
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  • Snow Biz

    Life's not a beach -- it's a ski slope. At least, that's the feeling at Inland Northwest ski areas, which are reporting soaring business. The numbers of skiers are up over last year 10, 20, even 40 percent. The reasons for the season, s
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  • A Little Night Music

    We all know where to look for lively classical music -- say Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony or Carmina Burana. We also know where to go for baroque, chamber music and 20th century orchestral music. The Spokane Symphony, Allegro, the Spokane St
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  • Winter Adventure

    There are no lines, no ropes, no limits. The slopes at this altitude are all yours. As the helicopter thonk, thonk, thonks away, all you're left with is the sound of silence and miles of untracked powder. As you look down the mountain, t
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  • More Events

    OLYMPIC TORCH AND WOMEN'S HOCKEY The Olympic flame goes past the Arena on its way to Salt Lake City on Jan. 24 from 5-7:30 pm. (354-7000) The U.S. National Women's Hockey Team plays China in a pre-Olympic exhibition game on Jan. 24 at 8 pm. Tickets: $8-$2
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  • Opinions & amp;amp; Letters

    Don't Widen I-90 -- I wanted to write and applaud you on the incisive commentary by Robert Herold, in the January 3 edition of The Inlander, on the State Department of Transportation's (DOT) proposed widening of I-90. His article pretty
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  • Uncultivated comedy

    If you go out of your way to watch old reruns of Mr. Ed, I Dream of Jeannie and Gilligan's Island, you'll love this show. It's full of one-dimensional characters who do and say predictable things. In John Patrick's The Girls of the Garden
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  • Fast Track

    In the competitive world of ski racing, Olympic dreams can die young. But if your job is a youth ski racing coach, you never know if you might have the next Picabo Street on your hands. Chris Schow is a coach at the Schweitzer Alpine Racing Sc
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  • Hell on Earth

    A lot of rumors have been preceding the release of this unrelenting look at the hell of war, vigorously and unflinchingly directed by Ridley Scott. Based on Mark Bowden's bestselling account of U.S. involvement in Somalia in the early '90s, a
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  • DOT Rebuttal

    In light of the recent commentary written by Robert Herold in The Inlander regarding the Washington State Department of Transportation's plans concerning the widening of Interstate 90, we would like to take this opportunity to provide re
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  • Surreal Sounds

    Images surround us. Buses pass by, plastered with advertisements and information designed to penetrate our thoughts as efficiently as possible. Magazines issue come-hither stares from sales racks, promising alluring content if we just tu
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  • Buzz Bin

    Save the Cinema -- While we're pleased to see some of the major theater chains in town picking up a few indie and foreign films, we were dismayed to hear that the Met may be canceling its dedicated art film series. Since the demise of the M
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    1,189 -- That's the number of Spokane parking tickets issued to jerks who illegally parked in disabled-only spaces in 2001. And there would have been more if two of the six full-time patrol positions had not been empty for two months thi
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  • CD Review-Langley School

    Some albums take you by surprise, leaving you a little bit changed for the better. Innocence and Despair does just that, subtly grasping you by the hand and guiding you on a lovely, lo-fi, majestically imperfect journey. The Langley Schools
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  • More Students Than Money

    When Governor Gary Locke released a budget proposal that included "a $1.25 billion problem" back in December, state agencies of all kinds braced for the worst as they waited for their funding to be slashed. Washington's economy was still
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  • (Low) Power to the People

    Every Christmas, I ask Santa for the same thing: good, community-based, non-commercial radio. And every year, I get skunked. Why Santa? Why? Why can't I have real music alternatives like the good kids in Portland have? When will I have a
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  • Mad Deer Disease?

    It's a distasteful task, if you're not used to gore and brains. Jim Kujala wears rubber gloves and works a steel hacksaw against a skull. It's the head of a mature buck, severed, on a plywood board, its eyes black and vacant. Not two hou
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  • In Brief

    Continuous Growing Pains -- SPOKANE -- Growth and annexation issues have been brewing for years, and now some are coming to a boil in the courts. The city of Spokane recently appealed the inclusion of the commercial-in

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