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  • Jan 24-30, 2002
  • Vol. 9, No. 15

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  • One Year Later

    It's been a year since John Powers took over the city's newly empowered mayor's office, and back then I offered some unsolicited advice. So how is he doing? A year ago, I stressed the importance of making good appointments. From all ind
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  • DVD Review - Snow White & amp;amp; The Seven Dwarves

    Say what you want about the Walt Disney Company; one thing that they know how to do better than almost any other entertainment mega-corporation is repackaging their wares. But every so often, they manage to do something truly worthwhile
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  • High-Tech Tip

    The new year may be a time to reflect, reassess and regroup after the madness of the holidays, but it can also be a time to catch up on the gifts that you wanted but didn't receive. If you missed out on one of the new video game systems
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  • Anything But Pleasant

    The creepiest movie to come down the pike since Seven is pretty much as effective a shudder-fest as you can get. Based on events that took place in the town of Point Pleasant, W.V. (and chronicled in the 1975 book of the same title), it's the
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  • Five Shows, 10 Days

    Quick -- how many ways can you say, "Spokane Symphony?" The orchestra will showcase the diversity of its musical presentations with five concerts in the next 10 days. The first Classics concert of 2002 leads off the musical potpourri with
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  • The Buzz Bin

    Out and About -- Every now and then we're allowed to remove the radio collars that keep us within a mile radius of our desks and are in fact encouraged to go out and see the world. Like sleepy grizzlies waking from a long winter's hibern
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  • Opinions & amp;amp; Letters

    Reunions Not Always Sweet -- I read Michael Bowen's article on adoption in your Jan. 10 edition with great interest. I, too, am thinking about adoption. I am a single mother by choice and was given the miracle of giving birth to a healt
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  • Swashbuckling and Swordplay

    Movie adaptations of the Alexandre Dumas novel have been made so many times -- one popular Internet search engine lists 18 of them among feature films, TV movies and TV series -- you have to wonder why some studio honcho over at Disney gave the
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  • Memory in Dispute

    Jennifer Lauck had a rough childhood. I'm not talking about the kind where she was bullied by classmates or where she'd just as soon avoid her family during the holidays. No, what we're talking about here is a bad childhood of near-Sophocle
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  • Community Report Card

    John T. Powers Jr. gets a passing grade as mayor. He's served for one year thus far as the newly created "strong mayor" form of executive. The Inlander asked five individuals familiar with Spokane civic affairs to grade Powers i
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  • The Price of Poverty

    Last week, the Spokane Regional Health District published the report, "Growing Up in Spokane," which focuses exclusively on Spokane children's health. This is the fist time the health district has compiled a comprehensive assessment of th
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  • Grading the Mayor -- In His Own Words

    After coming out of nowhere in 2000 to win Spokane's first-ever strong mayor election, John Powers has had a busy first year. If dealing with a daunting list of issues -- from the complex parking garage litigation to a turf war over
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  • Metal Shop

    Representing perhaps the most profound mismatch in Inland Northwest concert history, local group 10 MINUTES DOWN will open for Paleolithic hard rock beast BLUE OYSTER CULT next Wednesday night at the Cotton Club in Hayden. Strange? Yes. E
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Foley-esque? -- It was a little weird to hear Congressman George Nethercutt rattle his saber in Boeing's direction last week. He said if the now-Chicago-based aerospace giant closed its Airway Heights plant, he wouldn't
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  • Grading the Mayor -- The Year That Was

    When John Powers beat John Talbott in the 2000 mayoral election, it was a bit of a surprise victory. Not only was Powers new to politics, he was a lawyer -- we all know what that can do to your public image -- and he approached his new offi
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  • CD Review

    In "The Ghost of an Unkissed Kiss" Trembling Blue Stars' Bob Wratten bemoans a love abandoned before the complexities of a long-term relationship had a chance to set in: "We found what so many seek but it was never ours to keep. It will a
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  • In Brief

    Manito Getting Hammered -- SPOKANE -- Auto-infatuated hooligans regularly go to Manito Park, one of Spokane's public jewels, for their off-road driving fix. They've churned lawns into mud half a dozen times since this
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  • Amber Waves of Green

    When it comes to sending out federal farm subsidy checks, Seattle is about the last place one would think they'd get cashed. Wrong. Uncle Sam sends $2 million a year to city residents there -- $2 million that is supposed to support farmer
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  • Have we won yet?

    When will the war be over? Does the U.S. have to capture or kill Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar before we can declare victory? Or must we also eliminate terrorists in other dangerous corners of the world before the parades can begin? Salon

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