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  • Aug 15-21, 2002
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  • Quite Continental

    Frankly, before I visited the Cosmopolitan Caf & eacute; last week, I couldn't imagine a more unlikely name for a restaurant located on this stretch of Dishman-Mica Road with an auto parts dealer, a public storage facility and a thrift store as ne
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  • Opinion & amp;amp; Letters

    On August 19, Spokane will welcome John Sweeney, president of the AFL-CIO. He will open the convention of the Washington State Labor Council. Many of Washington State's workers have asked why such a visionary leader insists that all Labo
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  • Around the World in Nine Days

    One of the hallmarks of Riverfront Park's annual IMAX Film Festival is that it offers something for everyone (well, everyone except party poopers who get nauseous on rides or who don't like special effects). And this year's festival is no d
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  • Fledgling Hawks

    They filter into sleepy little college towns all across the land each summer, their love for the game usually obvious, their relative lack of skill usually even more apparent. Seattle Seahawks wannabes Reggie Hargrove, Ron Smith and Keit
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  • Opening Films

    After sitting in the can for two years, Eddie Murphy's space odyssey is apparently finally ready to see the light of day. It's 2087, and lunar nightclub owner Pluto Nash (Murphy) gets unwittingly caught up in a revolt against
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  • Powers of Evangelism

    There's something strange about Julian Powers' garage: It's not full of junk. There are no piles of old toys, magazines or clothes, no stacks of gadgets and gizmos, no mountains of old paint and spray cans. A garage sale out of this place
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  • Buzz Bin

    Are you one of those people who likes to boast that you've got "a lot of balls in the air" or that there's "too much on your plate"? Or do you fancy yourself quite the freeway acrobat, with your Danish on your knee, one hand on the whee
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  • Now Playing

    A solid natural history documentary that explores the beauty and harsh realities of nature in an extreme environment, Alaska is deserving of its 1997 Oscar for best documentary short. At the IMAX. (Randy Matin) Austin Powers in Goldmember If you'
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  • Inlander Picks

    Three Junes, the debut novel by author Julia Glass, covers just that -- three different Junes, spanning a decade, in the lives of a father and son from Scotland. Glass has created richly drawn characters, each one full of the quirks and
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Though it has a spacious dining area and drive-thru window, Ron's remains a classic walk-up at heart. And for almost 40 years, it's been the destination in the Valley for inexpensive, quality drive-in food. The broasted half-chicken ($4.89)
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  • The INS and Your Security

    Some years back, when we had a professional ballet company in town, a young dancer, newly arrived from Mexico, was preparing for his first performance. Two humorless men made their way up the stairs to the studio above Berg's Shoes. They
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  • DVD Review - Lord of the Rings

    When Peter Jackson set out to film J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings trilogy, he intended to make a film by fans of the books for fans of the books. Not only did he succeed in that specific task, but he also managed to give any vi
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  • High Tech Tip

    The Buggles sang that "Video Killed the Radio Star." But like ghastly life-support systems, MP3 players around the world are keeping their tunes alive. After all, nobody listens to CDs anymore... right? Well, if like a lot of people, you'
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  • The Main Event

    There's no question about it, one of this fall's most exciting political races is Steve Eugster's challenge of county commissioner Phil Harris. While Eugster's propensity for confronting everyone from Girl Scouts to downtown developers ha
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  • Presto, Change-O!

    Derek Almond got his wish last week. And the keys. The young Spokane entrepreneur, known to downtown lunch crowds and local live music fans as the indomitable force behind Caf & eacute; Sol & eacute;'s intriguing menu and eclectic evening entertainment sch
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  • In Brief

    SAFE House RATHDRUM, Idaho -- The Sandpoint-based anti-grass burning group Safe Air For Everyone (SAFE) has opened a permanent office in Rathdrum, in an effort to monitor the grass burning that takes place in the area. "We see it as our
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  • CD Review -Beth Orton

    With the release of Beth Orton's long-awaited third album, Daybreaker, there was already a groundswell of buzz that this might be her best yet. A devoted Orton fan, I ran out for a copy, gave it a few listens and was at first... underwhelmed.
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  • Beating the Heat

    A dirty little word lies at the center of the controversy spawned by the most recent Bush administration document on climate change. In the June EPA policy paper "Climate Action Report 2002," the government admitted that climate c
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  • A Man With A Plan

    Ten years ago, when Al Gore first published his book on the environment, Earth in the Balance, some of his Senate colleagues believed it was so radical that it would ruin his career. President George H.W. Bush called him "oz

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