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  • Aug 22-28, 2002
  • Vol. 9, No. 45

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  • The Beauty Within

    Most people standing in line to buy a movie ticket have at least a semblance of an idea as to what they're going to get for their money. But not with this one. Even when it's over, there will be viewers scratching their heads, wondering if th
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  • Subterranean Sounds

    The last reason that any New Yorker descends into the subway is to encounter art. It's true that Keith Haring started out as a graffiti artist there, and the Metropolitan Transit Authority occasionally commissions works to lighten the com
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  • Moving On Up The River

    After many successful years on the banks of the Spokane River at the Flour Mill, Riverview Thai has now moved up the river to Riverwalk, the site of the now-defunct Bayou Brewery. Now owner Carl Wilson says every table has a view of t
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  • Back to Nature

    Confused about hormone replacement therapy? There's more to the story that hasn't been told. Since the release of the halted PremPro arm of the Women's Health Initiative study, clinical practices have been inundated with questions from wo
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  • Opening Films

    In this film featuring Matthew Perry and Elizabeth Hurley, Hollywood finally sets its sights on the exotic world of... process servers? That's right, Perry can serve anybody, from mobsters to millionaires. But he's tripped up on his own heart s
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  • Ok By Me

    Even Richard Rodgers had his doubts. In the spring of 1943, he was proud of the melodies he'd written for a new musical called Away We Go!, but didn't like its chances. "Who ever heard of a successful 'cowboy' musical?" he complained. "Wh
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  • Food-Recently Reviewed

    The Scandinavian/Dutch-themed Old European restaurant sports a breakfast menu like no other in town. You can get lunch here, too, but the breakfasts boast extraordinary offerings, such as orange raisin nut French toast ($5.50), Swedish crepes
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  • The Real Deal

    Delegates to the One Spokane summit in May came away from the event energized -- or at least intrigued -- by the words of keynote speaker William McDonough. An architect based in Virginia, McDonough has been one of the leading proponents o
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  • The WEA's Litmus Test

    The Washington State Education Association has begun to consider endorsements for the fall elections. To inform its choices, the teachers' union has decided to turn to a litmus test: Will you promise to give unqualified support to the rec
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  • The Perfect Girl

    Simone is about the ideal of perfection. While writer-director Andrew Niccol's second feature is about female beauty and how our celebrity culture fashions it, it's also about Al Pacino's line readings. There's perfection. Pacino's first out
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  • The Creative Class

    Spokane can't be such a cultural backwater. Not the place where I've chosen to live. We're about average, I'd reckon. I mean, we've got some artsy stuff going on, and you always hear those cliches about the advantages of a big city with t
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  • Letters

    Concerning poverty, the first question is not how to deal with single-mom families and food stamps, it is how to keep families together. Since there is a distinct lack of families these days, schools own the task of teaching peopl
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  • Prodigal Son

    Being the son of a famous man can't be easy. Yet Franklin Graham says repeatedly in his autobiography, Rebel with a Cause, that he didn't know any different while growing up. He assumed, in the manner of many children, that whatever happe
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  • In Brief

    SPOKANE -- In what is being called an "unprecedented explosion" of auto thefts by Spokane Police Department officials, 80 cars were stolen from city streets between Aug. 12-20. Deputy Chief Al Odenthal briefed the media on Tuesday, after 14
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  • Ozzy Exposed

    Everyone's favorite madman, Ozzy Osbourne, is well aware that six years is a hell of long time to go between studio albums. But listening to him describe his outlook on recording these days, fans should be happy that his latest album of ne
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  • CD Review-Red Hot Chili Peppers

    By the Way (Warner) is the most consistent outing yet from a band that, over its long career, has had more than its share of ups and downs. The classic Chili Peppers lineup of Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad Smith earned th

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