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  • Sep 25 - Oct 1, 2003
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    Mootsy's North 9 -- The interior of Mootsy's North 9 is clean and offbeat with plenty of space to park it and original paintings and framed rock posters embellishing the richly colored walls. The menu features an interesting and tempting
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    Insensitve Letter -- I am writing regarding the letter from Michael Lane, "Direct Traffic, Don't Block It" (9/18/03). What a selfish and myopic attitude about the memorial service for Deputy James Slater. I had never heard of Mr. Sla
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  • Sweet Fiction

    True book lovers and true film lovers will most likely always remain separate groups, even though once in a while a book and the film made out of it are equal in quality and stature -- last year's The Quiet American comes to mind. But more tha
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  • The Real Deal

    The area's preeminent homebuilders display their wares this week at the Spokane Home Builders Association's 2003 Showcase of Homes. Featuring six homes in the Ridge at Hangman development, this home show is a good barometer of what the m
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  • Censored!

    Bush administration has exploited the events of Sept. 11, 2001, to soli
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  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff * Duplex -- Broad, slapdash black comedy finds Brooklyn yuppies Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore at the mercies of their upstairs tenant, an old woman who drives them bats. Dreams of murder ensue. Throw Mama from the Brownstone, anyone? A
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  • Let Them Entertain You

    In the movies of our lives, we are all, each one of us, the star. Other people come and go, playing their petty parts, but I, me, myself -- there's the focus. We lead our lives for ourselves, full of ourselves. As a self-centered manipula
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  • Small Space, Big Food

    With the restaurant shake-up underway in downtown Spokane, it might seem like a scary time to be the owner and chef of a small restaurant in a downtown that still has a tendency to roll up the sidewalks when the sun goes down. But Wil
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  • The RPS Factor

    by Robert Herold Over the next several weeks, our two mayoral finalists must make clear their positions on the River Park Square garage case. Jim West tells us that after the election he will reexamine the city's legal strategy. This amounts to a non-posi
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  • Staying Or Going?

    In this town, when people learn that a local restaurant is closing -- even a trendy, seemingly popular one -- it doesn't come as a big surprise. Spokane struggles to keep its downtown vibrant, often needing to encourage people to dine out. B
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  • Slow Down

    In the struggle to clean up nuclear waste left by weapons programs and power plants, the West's men in black robes are ganging up on the U.S. Department of Energy. So far this year, when ruling in environmentalist lawsuits, no fewer than three
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  • We're Voting Yes

    Have you heard the buzz? Death Cab for Cutie is coming to Spokane. In addition to the commotion that announcement has likely caused among local indie rock fans, consider that DCfC's show at Fat Tuesday's n
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  • On The Scene

    I had high hopes as I made my way toward Spokane's newest all-ages incarnation, the Detour. After all the hype and with a slew of radical shows lined up, it would be difficult not to be giddy. I approached the newly opened and revamped cl

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