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  • Oct 2-8, 2003
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  • Letters To The Editor

    No More Moore -- Seeing Michael Moore in The Inlander's Fall Arts Preview issue (9/11/03) finally irritated me enough to write this letter. Michael Moore snookered Oprah into believing that a bank just presented him with a rifle (as
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  • Visual Arts - Garland District

    During last February's Visual Arts Tour, Tinman Artworks on Garland Avenue held its grand opening, joining Felisa Carranza's studio to become just the second art space in the neighborhood. For this week's tour, Garland will be a lively h
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  • Little Piggy Went To Market

    The sign at the beginning of the road to Sara Joe's reads "Primitive Road," but it really should say "Beautiful Road." Through the softly rounded Palouse Hills not far from St. John, the dirt road cuts its way into a rough canyon, between
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  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff AMC Classic Film Festival -- Some people's idea of a classic film is Citizen Kane; for others, it's more along the lines of Wayne's World. AMC makes both camps happy through the month of October by offering three time-honored and much-lo
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  • Buzz Bin

    Cheap Tricked? -- We ran into these two disgruntled fans over at the Met last Friday night just before power pop icons Cheap Trick were to take the stage. It seems that when Cheap Trick was last in town (July 28, at the Playfair Racetrac
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  • Crush Time

    As I enter Arbor Crest's production facility in the northwest corner of the Valley, General Manager and Viticulturist Jim van Loben Sels greets me at the gate. Right behind me is a pickup truck pulling a flatbed trailer with precious car
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  • Surviving The Shakeup

    So just what the hell is happening out there on the mean streets of Spokane's downtown dining scene? The stories that have been dominating the headlines recently are these: Chevy's is closing and leaving River Park Square (or is it?). Roc
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  • Behind the Brush

    I've always wanted to paint with watercolors. The transparent, ephemeral nature of the medium perfectly captures so many images, especially in the hands of a master. Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, Edward Hopper -- they all knew how t
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  • Visual Arts - Adam's St. Lofts

    My first experience with the Adams Street Lofts was about four years ago, when the former Lambert Candy Company was little more than a dust-filled, bare-beamed "Raw Space," hosting a show of acrylics by the late Freeman Butts. At the time y
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  • Famous Potatoes

    If the potato industry had rock stars, Brent Olsen would be Bob Dylan. As it is, the potato farmer has spent the last week on the agricultural equivalent of an album tour. From his farm north of Spokane, Olsen has been traveling coastwar
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  • Now Playing

    *** Cabin Fever -- A spirited, low-budget horror film. It's a "young people in a remote cabin" kind of thing, and there's something very wrong with the water: Drink it and you're kaput. (ES) Rated R ** Cold Creek Manor -- In this unsc
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  • Book Review

    The high queen of literary journalism has struck again with what smells like a memoir, but proves to be the sort of rambling medley of reportage, social and personal history that only Joan Didion could pull off. While Didion's eloquent
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  • Visual Arts - Rally

    Sometimes you need a little something extra to get you through your day. Something to kick-start your sluggish system, or maybe something to take the edge off. You know what I'm talkin' bout. Something a little pharmaceutical. And folks, t
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  • Three Men And A Sandwich

    Loren's Deli & amp; Espresso, 12802 N. Highway 395 (Wandermere Mall), 465-9696 -- If you drive along Hwy. 395 just north of the Wandermere Mall, it's hard to miss Loren's Deli & amp; Espresso. On the exterior
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  • Making New Friends

    For the past five years, television networks have spent hundreds of millions of dollars searching for the next Friends or the next Seinfeld. Even though blockbuster sitcoms usually either grow organically from the stubborn visions of
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  • The Real Deal

    "Don't it always seem to go That you don't know what you got till it's gone They paved paradise And put up a parking lot" -- Joni Mitchell The endangered Rookery Block in downtown Spokane is once again attracting attention, this tim
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  • Et Tu, Tofu?

    by Cara Gardner -- Everyone has a dream career. Mired in cubicles across the country, many 9-to-5'ers are wishing they were race car drivers, writers, chefs or ambassadors; others just wish they had the time and the savings to make a living off one of the
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  • DVD Review

    The latest of Disney's blockbuster DVD releases, The Lion King, bursts forth this week, certain to add millions to the film's overall box office take -- once Disney's biggest ever (until Finding Nemo dethroned it earlier this summer)
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  • Rummy's War

    by Robert Herold On June 26, 1876, an Army column operating on the Little Big Horn discovered the human remains of the U.S. Seventh Cavalry, George A. Custer commanding. Near the bodies of Custer and his men, they found their standard-issue U.S. Army rifl
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  • Visual Arts - Highlights

    All venues will be open 5-9 pm on Friday, Oct. 3, unless otherwise noted. Capsule descriptions of venues written by Sheri Boggs, Michael Bowen and Ann M. Colford 1. Adams Street Lofts/Kolva Sullivan Gallery, 115 S. Adams St. -- Archie B
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Mootsy's North 9 -- The interior of Mootsy's North 9 is clean and offbeat with plenty of space to park it and original paintings and framed rock posters embellishing the richly colored walls. The menu features an interesting and tempting
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  • Sleepless In Tokyo

    It's always dangerous to assume that a movie released in the early fall is one of the year's best. But it's hard to imagine a film coming along in the next few months that will displace Lost in Translation from that position. In what is
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  • Pump You Up

    If you want to hear one of the most beautiful symphonies in all of classical music, you could attend this Friday night's Spokane Symphony concert for their performance of Jean Sibelius' Symphony No. 1. It will be performed after Americ
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  • Delivering The Goods

    Being a purveyor of wild mushrooms is not unlike being, well, a dealer of illicit drugs. If you'll forgive the analogy, the two careers have a lot in common, from relying on an intricate network of connections to the moment of appreciation
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  • Three Women & amp;amp; Some Baked Goods

    The Davenport Hotel, 10 S. Post St. * 455-8888 - Since its renovation, the Davenport Hotel has been a breathtaking and much appreciated addition to Spokane's Downtown. Restored with much of its original ar
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  • On The Scene

    High atop the Ridpath Hotel in the heart of downtown lies Ankeny's. Here you'll find a classy, award-winning restaurant with a complete offering of everything from filet mingon to steamed clams. You will also find a smashing bar and super
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  • CD Review

    If Red Dirt Girl -- Emmylou Harris's somber and atmospheric album from three years ago -- felt a bit like a walk through the Valley of the Shadow, Stumble Into Grace is more of a sunlit car trip to the Promised Land. With a lusher, more polis
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  • Good Medicine

    As our community continues to struggle with job loss, business growth and retention, it's important to search out new, modern concepts to help stimulate the economy and create a region that is economically sustainable and profitable
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  • Baby Amnesty

    Early on Saturday, Sept. 6, someone -- presumably a brand-new mom -- left twin infant boys in a cardboard box outside a Shiloh Hills home in north Spokane. When found, one boy was dead. He had apparently suffocated underneath his brother. T
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  • A Temple Is Born

    The New Year came last Friday night at sundown, welcoming in the start of year 5764. An intimate group of family and friends gathered to celebrate this occasion. It was both joyful as it looked ahead, and sorrowful as it remembered what wa
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff Jinkies! -- After the Cougs sent the Oregon Ducks back to their fancy locker rooms with their tailfeathers between their legs on Saturday, the talk immediately turned to... the Sports Illustrated jinx? That's right, WSU's stifling defense,

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  • Left Of Center

    Laurel Brauns knows what is expected of her as a twenty-something female musician. And she knows that with her style of music, she's going to be automatically compared to Ani DiFranco. Unfortunately for the
  • Film
  • See Jack Act

    Contrary to popular belief, Jack Black did not burst into the movie world as Barry, the blustery, wisecracking record store employee in High Fidelity. He definitely made himself known in that film with a goofy, bravura performance, but Black

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