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  • Nov 6-12, 2003
  • Vol. 11, No. 4

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  • Secret Memo

    Donald Rumsfeld's recently "leaked" memorandum on the war in Iraq cannot be encouraging, no matter how his apologists try to explain it away. In the secret memo, the line that ends with "the coalition can win in Afghanistan and Iraq... but
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  • The Real Deal

    Everyone who's anyone in the home furnishings market shows up and shows off at the semi-annual International Home Furnishings Market, held in High Point, N.C., every April and October. At last month's show, manufacturers trotted out trad
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  • Euthanation

    The black cat lets out an urgent meow as visitors enter the room. Two other animals in adjacent cages lie dead, their bodies deflated after an injection of sodium pentobarbital. This one is next in line to be euthanized -- killed by a le
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  • Little Big Man

    It is the ultimate tribute to the Eastern Washington University football team that the Eagles have managed to put together a winning record despite playing all season with just 10.5 players on defense. Quick -- somebody get out the NCAA
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  • DVD Review

    Let me be up front and tell you that I usually can't stand Harrison Ford. I know he was Han Solo -- the embodiment of the cool rascal for an entire generation. Yes, he's played the president. He's also been Tom Clancy's perpetual hero Jac
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  • Letters to the Editor

    by Inlander Staff Rock City Rocks! -- I just read Sheri Young's letter, "Chevy's Rumors" (10/9/03), addressing the move of Chevy's out of River Park Square (RPS). As a former opponent of the RPS deal, I too was eager to assign a "conspiracy" theory to any
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  • Standup In Baghdad

    My task is Herculean: Take a 22-day road tour of Kuwait and Iraq in August that included comedy shows to 10,000 U.S. and coalition troops, tours of Saddam Hussein's presidential palaces, and visits to all the hotspots -- Mosul, Tikrit, Bala
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  • Game Review

    Ah, parenting in the 21st century. While my dad and I used to bond over fishing, my five-year-old son and me bond while playing on the GameCube. OK, as the years go by, we'll ski together, play basketball and, yes, drop a line or tw
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Herbal Essence -- The restaurant's interior walls are a deep cabernet and are highlighted by colorful artwork. Sparkly candles add romance. The clever, surprising menu here mixes and matches a variety of ingredients and flavors. The seaf
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  • Once Upon A Time

    Gregory Maguire is known to many readers as the talented creator of some of the most bizarre and original fiction of the past ten years. Readers of the novels Wicked and Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister will remember the provocative way
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  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff Elf -- Li'l baby Buddy crawls into Santa's bag of toys and ends up at the North Pole, where the kindly elves raise him as one of his own. Now an adult Buddy (Will Ferrell) is no longer content to make toys nor is he especially eager to s
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  • Buzz Bin

    Who Are These People? -- We've gotten a lot of great feedback on our glossy 10-year magazine, but one question comes up again and again: Who are those people on the cover? We left the names of our "panel of judges" out to add to the myst
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  • Down Home At Down River

    There has been a gathering buzz about the Downriver Grill for the last few months, with people mentioning that there's a new restaurant on the North Side. While there are certainly a lot of restaurants on the North Side of Spokane, th
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  • Miracle On First Street

    They almost didn't do it before. Why are they doing it now? Tom Dudzick's Christmas comedy Greetings (at CenterStage from Nov. 7-Dec. 13) has been produced in Spokane previously (at Interplayers in 1995, with Joan Welch directing). Greet
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  • Now Playing

    * Beyond Borders -- Pouty Angelina Jolie spends all of her money on food for unfortunates in Ethiopia after being dazzled by a do-gooder doctor (Clive Owen) who demands funding from the wealthy. He follows trouble -- with the intent of e
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  • Prepping For Surgery

    Here's a pitch for the next reality survival show: Raise the cost of healthcare to extremes, make providers pay enormous medical malpractice rates and under-reimburse them for their Medicaid and Medicare patients, allow medical faci
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  • Solution - Project Access

    When semi-retired heart surgeon Sam Selinger signed up for a week-long series of "refresher" courses at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University a couple years back, he had no idea that what he'd learn would change his life --
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  • Pragmatic Pick

    It had to be one of the coldest Election Days on record, with the mercury dropping into the teens by the time the polls closed on Tuesday night at 8 pm. Could it be that hell was freezing over? Inde
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  • Sealing The Borders

    Let's hear it for those gonzo immigration cops from the Department of Homeland Security who so heroically swooped down on illegal Wal-Mart janitors last month. No longer will our homeland's security be threatened by undocumented wo
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  • CD Review

    There's contemporary scrapbooking - the kind with home parties, acid-free paper, clever scissors and entire stores devoted just to making perfect little paper homages to "a day at the beach" or "our summer vacation." And then there's old sc
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  • Solution - Code Blue Now

    After working as a healthcare consultant and journalist for more than 20 years, Kathleen O'Conner got tired of hearing about the uninsured and underinsured; she grew weary of discussions about the healthcare system, which often seem stagna
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  • In Brief

    One-Way Ticket -- SPOKANE -- Last year, when Hans Welter agreed to have his sister's grandson from Germany come live with him and go to high school here, he had no idea how hard it was going to be. Now, because of new federal programs de
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    CCX Unveiled -- Anxious to see what Spokane's new architectural jewel is going to look like? The Public Facilities District is inviting the public to come view the conceptual design for the convention center expansion at its meeting on T
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  • Hate In Hayden

    Hayden residents might not agree which candidates they want in office, but on Tuesday the townspeople made it clear there was an overwhelming consensus on who they don't want running the show. The three Aryan Nations candidates, running fo
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  • The Nine Commandments

    The Washington Health Foundation, a non-partisan healthcare reform organization based in Seattle, held roundtable meetings in each of Washington's 44 counties, asking healthcare experts and community leaders to discuss their values about h

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  • Won't Back Down

    Sevendust singer Lejon Witherspoon knows a few fans may grumble that his band failed to stay true to their heavy metal ethos by displaying a more melodic dimension and -- gasp - even including a ballad on their new album,
  • Film
  • War Of The Worlds

    Up to a limit, I'm content to kick back in the dark to admire pretty pictures, sleek computer animation and strikingly featured faces emitting terse philosophical dialogue. I'm a sucker for formal beauty in movies, from the most costly and bo

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