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  • Nov 13-19, 2003
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  • Snow Wars

    Every Christmas season, the TV specials start to congregate. The stop-action animation of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, with Burl Ives singing the soundtrack... A Charlie Brown Christmas, which, although a beloved piece of pop Ameri
  • Local News
  • Ghosts In The Forest

    To walk into a room filled with large, riotous Alfredo Arreguin paintings is to enter into the worship of life. There is a feeling of reverence, sure, but also a sense of deep, multi-layered joy and sweetness. The colors and compositions ar
  • Local News
  • Winter Sports - Mt. Spokane

    If you've ever wondered what's in a name, consider what would have happened if Mount Spokane had kept its original turn-of-the-century moniker of Mount Baldy. Sure, there would probably still be a ski area, but most people would be too emba
  • Local News
  • Basically Asian

    The philosophy of simplicity that is fundamental to Asian cuisine is reflected in the d & eacute;cor of the Asian Restaurant (on top of the Sunset Hill), which is Spartan and unpretentious. The main interior space is divided into black vinyl-uphol
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  • Calling in the Reinforcements

    For some, enlisting in the Army is a matter of family tradition, a way to pay for college or a free ticket around the world. But for others, like Shayne Foster and Amanda Shreves, both 18, it was something that they just did. It just hap
  • Local News
  • The Real Deal

    Everyone who's anyone in the home furnishings market shows up and shows off at the semi-annual International Home Furnishings Market, held in High Point, N.C., every April and October. At last month's show, manufacturers trotted out trad
  • Local News
  • Winter Sports - Schweitzer

    This is a big year for Schweitzer: the resort turns 40 years old. Yes, there will be cake on Dec. 4 along with $4 lift tickets -- so don't miss the big celebration. But this is not the only reason to head north to Sandpoint this year. "Th
  • Local News
  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff Looney Tunes: Back in Action -- It can go either way when you mix animation with live action. Either you can get something as inventive and fun as Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Or you can wind up with... Space Jam. Tired of playing the Rhoda to
  • Local News
  • Eagles Taking Flight

    The EWU men's basketball team ended Big Sky play last March with a three-point loss in the conference final to Weber State, which went undefeated in league play (and later played in the NCAA Tournament in Spokane). Can you guess which tw
  • Local News
  • Winter Sports - Lookout Pass

    Skiers and snowboarders can depend on Lookout Pass for a quality experience. "We've been operating continuously since 1938," reports Lookout marketing director Phil Edholm. "Some say we're in a tie with Sun Valley as the oldest ski resor
  • Local News
  • Recently Reviewed

    Downriver Grill -- The Downriver Grill (a locally-owned neighborhood spot on the North Side) occupies a former florist's shop just a little past Audubon Park on Northwest Boulevard. The interior is sleek and modern but warm and inviting.
  • Local News
  • Looking For Work

    It's been a long stretch out of the spotlight for Mike Price, and that's been fine with him. Since being fired by the University of Alabama, the former WSU coach has watched his old team rise to the upper reaches of the AP poll,
  • Local News
  • Legends On The Bench

    Most people call it springtime. Mike Roth calls it "the Mark Few sweepstakes." Roth, Few's boss at Gonzaga University, might be the most understanding athletic director in the nation. Not only does he let anyone and everyone talk to Few
  • Local News
  • Winter Sports - Prowling#1DD9E2

    Originally designed as mechanical beasts of burden for use in winter-bound locations, today cabin-mounted snow cats stuffed with passengers rumble across the deep snows that blanket some of B.C.'s biggest mountain ranges. Conveniently,
  • Local News
  • Now Playing

    Brother Bear -- Disney's latest stars Joaquin Phoenix as the voice of a young man whose older brother is killed by a bear. Hoping to avenge his brother's death, Kenai (Phoenix) sets out on a heroic mission, only to find himself suddenly
  • Local News
  • Buzz Bin

    Local Actor Goes Mad -- B.D. Freeman, Spokane's standup comic (aka "Bobby Delirious" at the Brickwall Comedy Club) and actor (at Interplayers in Watch on the Rhine and The Final Twist) has ventured to L.A. and gotten himself hired as a m
  • Local News
  • Winter Sports - Big Mountain

    Big Mountain Ski Resort has been ranked the best resort in Montana for the fifth year running. The resort plans on keeping its rank again next year, boasting a variety of additions for this season's insatiable winter sports lovers. You'll
  • Local News
  • Winter Sports - Steep, D#1DD9DD

    While many Inland Northwesterners look east, south and west for their ski and snowboard satisfactions, they might want to consider heading north. The land of Bob and Doug McKenzie, hockey, and Pamela Anderson's hometown also happens to
  • Local News
  • Letters to the Editor

    by Inlander Staff The No-Meat Movement -- It does my heart good to read letters like Leslie Curran's "Dead Meat" and Norman A Oss II's "We're the Pigs" in The Inlander. It's good to know there are people like that in the world. People who respect animals
  • Local News
  • Head For The Hills

    The Sound of Music movie started being shown annually on network TV back during the Carter administration. In the United States and Canada alone, nearly 500 versions of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical are licensed for production every
  • Local News
  • Winter Sports - New Tricks

    Quick, which one of the following is not an actual, recognized snowboarding term? a) Pop tart b) Washin' windows c) Flapjackin' d) Swiss cheese air If you answered flapjackin', you are correct and are clearly in the know. Therefore you ar
  • Local News
  • DVD Review

    I've already seen way too many reviews out there touting Whale Rider's potent dose of "girl power." But to just sum it up, what this movie offers as "girl power" somehow implies a Charlie's Angel- meets-Tomb Raider version of female empower
  • Local News
  • Book Review

    Blankets is not a small book. It weighs in at just under 600 pages; and its themes -- Christianity, art, love, parents, sex -- are equally heavy. But Blankets is easily the best book I've read so far this year. It's a book that you'll
  • Local News
  • Winter Sports - 49 & amp;ordm; Degr#1DD9E1

    Things are growing and changing around 49 Degrees North as plans for new runs, new lifts and new roads are being finalized this year. Flowery Trail Road, a $30 million project, recently opened on Oct. 13 -- allowing paved access to the sk
  • Local News
  • Winter Sports - Silver Mountain

    Kellogg's Silver Mountain is a mere one-hour drive east from Spokane on Interstate 90. With a fine vertical drop (2,200 feet), a lovely mix of beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert runs and consistently voluminous annual snowfalls,


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  • In Brief

    Cleanup Costs Emerging -- Kellogg, Idaho -- Environmentalists, Coeur d'Alene Tribe members and government attorneys are doing victory jigs over a federal court ruling regarding a North Idaho Superfund site. Even the mining
  • Opinion
  • Plan 28 From Outer Space

    Imagine, if you will, that your neighborhood is entitled to one representative on the city council, as is the neighborhood just a couple of blocks over. Let's presume that both neighborhoods are populated by, say, 100 people. Now,
  • Opinion
  • Denny's Place

    Walking into the Denny Murphy Clinic, one of four community health clinics run by the Community Health Association of Spokane (CHAS), one might feel a little apprehensive. Formerly a Saturn car dealership, the red brick building on the cor
  • Opinion
  • CD Review

    Well, the folks at Matador Records have finally gone and done it: created their own Guided by Voices mix tape. Well, boy, howdy, that's exactly the same thing GBV fans have been doing in their bedrooms and basements for years now. With a
  • Opinion
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Reviving the Draft? -- With all this talk of how many soldiers the United States needs to keep its commitments around the world, talk of reinstating the draft is back on the table. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld believes the current l


  • Sound Advice
  • Dax, Then Puppet Show

    Something about Dax Johnson is very typically Spokane, and I don't mean that as an insult. Maybe it's his look -- tattooed, with long hair and an interesting bunch of facial stubble. Perhaps it's his dispo


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