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  • Dec 11-17, 2003
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  • Buzz Bin

    Trains for Tots -- Opportunities to kick back in a vintage rail car through the canyons and valleys of Idaho and western Montana are few and far between. This Sunday, Dec. 14, the Montana Daylight Christmas Train provides a chance to see
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  • DVD Review

    When asked about great Japanese directors, I'm supposed to mention giants like Kurosawa, who gave us The Seven Samurai and Ran. Or else I'm expected to mention Miyazaki, the creator of the marvelous Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro (
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  • Half-Baked

    by Robert Herold Did you catch that news item about the upcoming politically incorrect bake sale at Eastern Washington University? Making use of a demonstration format that has been hauled out at more than a few of the nation's universities, the College R
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  • Merry Christmas from the Wankers

    As I write this, the snow is falling and the smell of fresh-baked apple pie fills the Wanker home. (Made from scratch -- you all know how I feel about store-bought pie!) The stockings are all hung by the chimney with care, and even Mr. Sc
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  • Together Forever

    With Stuck on You, the Farrelly brothers continue their unblemished streak of comedies with common elements: riotous sight gags, a hefty supply of toilet humor, and characters who display hearts of gold even as they confront mental or physica
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  • Banishing Humbug

    Miracle on 34th Street isn't merely a fantasy. It delights kids -- I saw two of them literally on the edges of their seats during the Lake City Playhouse production (through Dec. 20). It also reminds us adults that growing up shouldn't cau
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  • Elegant Again

    Finding a more charming place for dinner than Hayden Lake's Clark House would be a difficult task. The mansion springs into view around one of the tight curves on the road along the lakeshore, and at this time of year, decked in hundr
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  • Gift Guide

    GPS Wristwatch -- Hansel was so low-tech, strewing his bread crumbs; Gretel knew the birds would eat them. She knew her brother would get them lost in the forest. (And would he simply stop and ask a squirrel for directions? Oh, no.) What
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  • Game Review

    It's hard not to love a game that gives you different superpowers depending on the pants that you wear. (Hermetic trousers, anyone?) I'm not sure if anyone actually plays video games for the story, but this one deserves it. Rarely are ga
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  • Opening Films

    & & Love Don't Cost a Thing -- & & If you were young in the '80s, you probably already know where this one is headed. Engaging dork hires cute cheerleader to be his highly visible girlfriend in a desperate bid for popularity. This
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  • Meth Myths

    Consider this scenario: A guy is cooking up a batch of meth at his house. He's mixing up lye, muriatic acid, ephedrine from cold medication and a few other chemicals, and things are going well -- nothing is blowing up, nothing is catching
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Cap'n Juicy's Super Duper Weenies -- A hot dog is a hot dog is a hot dog, right? Not at Cap'n Juicy's, where you walk up to the order window and choose from creations featuring the standard-sized all-beef New York deli-style dog, or, for
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  • Fossils and Fire

    With their rough, reptilian skins, enormous gleaming eyes and often, their alarming size and speed, dinosaurs have always had a knack for commanding attention. Ditto for their imaginary cousins, the dragons, and for many of the same reasons
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  • Now Playing

    *** Bad Santa -- Billy Bob Thornton plays a foul-mouthed, sex-crazed drunkard who, with his "elf" helper (Tony Cox) gets a department store Santa job each year, then robs the seasonally bulging safe after hours. The film is overflowing
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  • Letters to the Editor

    by Inlander Staff That Darn Grassy Knoll -- As the anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy has the media recycling fallacies from the past, I do wish that the mavens of myth would cease referring to Lee Harvey Oswald as the "assassin of JFK."
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  • The Real Deal

    The highlight of the holidays for me is gathering with friends and family, and it usually involves food. Sharing the feast is a holiday tradition on a par with decorating the tree and exchanging gifts. Volumes of etiquette manuals have b
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  • CD Review

    I've never known quite what to make of Ween. And that's always been OK with me. The mere fact that a band so slippery and just plain weird had found relative success out there was enough to delight me. Oh, I'd heard Ween on occasion, read
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Greening Idaho --It's a long way to springtime, but Idaho might be greening up anyway. The Idaho Green Party has been gathering signatures (it needs at least 10,000) to get on the official Idaho state ballot for primary elections. "Our
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  • Fox Flourishes

    The Bush administration will make sure that no Grinch spoils Rupert Murdoch's holiday season. By the new year, Murdoch's News Corporation will be in control of the country's largest direct-broadcast satellite service, DirecTV. The t
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  • In Brief

    Pin Them Down -- SPOKANE -- Ever wanted to ask your state legislator a few pointed questions? Ever wished there was a way of holding such persons responsible for the answers they gave you? Well, if you're concerned about t
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  • On The Scene

    In this little burg, too often local legends have a way of springing forth from a nonexistent well of exciting happenings and deluded imaginations. Still, one local hangout of legendary proportions was my destination on Saturday evening,
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  • Where There's Fire There's Smoke

    Smokey Bear, America's most responsible camper, has some competition. Now there's a new simplified message about preventing forest fires; it comes from President Bush. On Dec. 3, Bush signed the Healthy Forest Restoration Act. Supporters

Music & Film

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  • Winter Storm Warning

    Brenda Weiler might have left behind the frigid plains of North Dakota for the milder climate and friendlier neighborhoods of Portland, Ore., but a plain, chilly ennui pervades every note of her fifth album, the lovely and
  • Film
  • Jack and Diane

    Don't worry at all about the annoying hip-hop played over the opening credits. It's there merely to give a little aural background to one of the protagonists: post-middle-aged bachelor Harry Langer (Jack Nicholson), who owns Drive-By Records

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