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  • Apr 1-7, 2004
  • Vol. 11, No. 25

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  • Pumping Out the Pasta

    The Old Spaghetti Factory has been serving up steaming plates of pasta in Spokane for 34 years. Lots of steaming plates -- on any given Friday or Saturday night, servers rush more than 600 dinners to hungry patrons. The crowd resembles
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  • Buzz Bin

    Korrection Korner -- It happens every year -- we put our annual Best Of the Inland Northwest issue to bed, thinking everything in there is perfect and correct and factual, when in fact, sleep-deprivation and a steady week of sugar and caf
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  • Three to Start With

    One Hundred Demons -- Lynda Barry -- One Hundred Demons evolved from Lynda Barry's hilarious comic strips from the '80s and '90s -- collected in books like Boys + Girls, Down the Street and The Freddie Stories. Originally published on Salon.
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  • Tribal Trouble

    A resurgence of anti-tribal sentiment is threatening to reverse the gains that Indian tribes have made during the last decade. Tribal gaming successes and growing political influence have added new fuel to the rhetoric of national groups s
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  • Jake's Take - Making a Job

    So what options do people in their twenties have for finding a good job in Spokane? In my last article, "Finding a Job" (3/18/04), I came to the conclusion that options are few and far between. But there was one option that somehow seems
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  • Opening Films

    Hellboy -- A superb example of a comic book -- and the attitude and style that goes with it -- coming to life. Ron Perlman plays the title character, a friendly red demon who kills off monsters for a secret government agency. There are vio
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  • Book Review

    The Time Traveler's Wife was, for me, one those rare and wonderful reading experiences. From the first chapter of Audrey Niffenegger's debut novel, I was hooked. Five hundred pages later, I was grieving the end, not wanting to leave these
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  • Serious Comics

    Picture this: You walk into your favorite bookstore. The smell of books is in the air. Numerous readers are hunkered down in chairs. Approaching a shelf, you take down a volume and begin thumbing the pages. It's a book that you've heard
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Centenarians Celebrate -- Mayor Jim West declared March 31 as the city's official Centenarian Day, and we must say that if there are more 100-year-old folks out there like Lenore Johnson, perhaps we should give them a whole year instead
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  • In Touch

    It starts with a small pink jar of something called "Lucille Young Bust Massage" cream. I've been on my best reporter behavior up until now, but the sight of this antique beauty product is threatening to unravel my composure. It gets worse
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  • Now Playing

    50 First Dates -- Drew Barrymore is cute as hell, and she has genuine sparks with a (surprisingly) sweet Adam Sandler. But neither of them brings any sense of character to this story about a relationship that must start anew each day due
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  • Back On The Bus Y'all

    On a cold March morning, I'm riding the bus with my friends Linda and Emily. We board the #43 Lincoln/37th Avenue bus and ride to the end of the line at Regal, then turn around and ride all the way back downtown to the Plaza. Instead of
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  • Puttin' on the Glitz

    In 1998, Ron Ford directed and acted in Hollywood Mortuary, a B movie in which Randal Malone plays a guy who tries to revive the horror movie genre by resuscitating some Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi lookalikes and staging a couple of mur
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  • Recently Reviewed

    The Porch Public House -- The Porch's rustic yet sophisticated log cabin ambience is most inviting and compliments its Hayden Lake neighborhood. The menu resembles the Elk's in Spokane and is broken down into appetizers, salads, sandwich
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  • Growing Community

    Spokane is a community of gardeners. Take a look around at the local garden centers on any given Saturday now that the weather's taken a turn for the warmer, and you'll see the proof. Gardeners know all the benefits of developing a green
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  • DVD Review

    I hate Julia Roberts just as much as any other discriminating viewer of quality cinema. In fact, Roberts' latest film, Mona Lisa Smile, had all the makings of a film I would hate: the star-studded cast of budding starlets and, even more, R
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  • West Takes the Wheel

    More than seven years ago, the City of Spokane used an emergency ordinance to join the River Park Square public private partnership in order to "save downtown," as public officials put it at the time. Now a new set of public officia
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  • Jive Talkin'

    In Saturday Night Fever, the musical (at the Opera House, April 8-11), Tony Gonzalez plays Tony Manero, which was John Travolta's role when Saturday Night Fever, the movie, premiered in 1977. I spoke with Gonzalez (who was born in 1980) f
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  • In Brief

    Playfair Purchased -- SPOKANE -- The city council passed an emergency budget ordinance Monday evening, allocating $6,361,216 from the sewer fund to the purchase of Playfair Racetrack. The site of the racetrack is being considered as one l
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  • Time for an Economic Health Checkup

    Desperate to shore up its highly vulnerable economic flank, Team Bush is turning positively delusional. Despite more bad news on the jobless recovery front -- 129,000 fewer new jobs in February than forecast -- the White House spinmeis
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  • CD Review

    Yeah, I'll admit it, I was enticed into a listen of Land Air Sea (Epitaph) initially by the engaging cover art and secondly by the semi-intriguing backstory of the group known as The Special Goodness (comprised of Weezer drummer Pat Wilso
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  • Underwater Energy

    The biggest single reservoir of carbon on the planet -- 10 trillion tons -- lies entombed under permafrost and the deepest oceans, locked into mounds of mysterious methane hydrates, bizarre ice-like compounds that form when flammable methane g

Music & Film

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  • What's New, Pussycat?

    While he may be known universally (and especially in his native Wales) as "The Voice," Tom Jones is also, in certain fan enclaves, known as "The Bod," "The Giant Belt Buckle," and "The Cheese." And while there may be ple
  • Film
  • Red, Blue and Sparky

    It doesn't matter whether you're a newcomer or a hardcore fan of this very strange series of Dark Horse Comics that first appeared about a decade ago. The result here is a dazzling, wry, well-acted, gorgeously produced popcorn event of a movi

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