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    & & by Inlander Staff & & & r & & & Max at Mirabeau & & & r & Fine dining shows up even in a hotel restaurant located next to the Sullivan Road/I-90 on-ramp. And you know the Mirabeau Park Hotel is dedicated to total service, because the more than 100 items on th
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  • Giving Yourself

    by Leah Sottile & r & When I was 17, one thing stood in the way of my cap and gown, my diploma and my hopes of a hefty graduation check. No matter how badly I wanted to leave high school, I wasn't going anywhere until I completed 60 hours of community servi
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  • Duncan On Trial

    by Kevin Taylor & r & Joseph Edward Duncan III is scheduled to appear in a Coeur d'Alene courtroom on Tuesday, when Kootenai County prosecutors will argue there is enough evidence to show he should be tried on three charges of murder and three of kidnapping.
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    & & by Inlander Staff & & & r & & & The Bad News Bears & & -- While Richard Linklater's remake cleaves to the bone most of the way home, it lacks the fastball-to-the-noggin punch of the original. Still, there are moments of pure goofball zaniness scattered thr
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  • Book Review

    By Joel Smith & r & Everything Bad Is Good for You by Steven Johnson -- You've played Grand Theft Auto until your eyes are bloodshot. You've watched enough Seinfeld, Sopranos and Simpsons to know who Art Vandelay, Big Pussy and Fallout Boy are. You get so ri
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  • A Voice From the Past

    by Joel Smith & r & Farm subsidies, overproduction, industrialization. We know these things get people pretty worked up around here, so we figure you should check out William J. Spillman and the Birth of Agricultural Economics, a biography and treatise on th
  • Local News
  • Volunteering With Joel Smith

    by Joel Smith & r & A common refrain among people who like the idea of volunteering but never actually get around to doing it is that it takes a lot of paperwork and rigmarole. Which can be true. I showed up at a certain Catholic charity early last week and
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  • Mangiamo!

    by Susan Hamilton & r & The sunny flavors of Italian and Greek cuisine abound at Scarpello's, a new restaurant in Spokane Valley. Owner Lisa Medlen has also embraced the Mediterranean in the restaurant's d & eacute;cor -- from the bright red exterior door to the inter
  • Local News
  • Give It A Brake

    by Clint Burgess & r & Preventive maintenance on a vehicle can be the difference between shelling out a little or a lot of money when it finally comes time to get down to the nuts and bolts of fixing the proverbial squeaky wheel. Whatever it may be that ails
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  • Strike Up the Band

    by Micheal Bowen & r & Root, root, roodley-toot, jump in your suit, make a salute, voot!" Call it rap in a zoot suit or the hep jive of the '40s -- whatever it was, it helped awaken a generation to the immediacy of war. A chart-topping song in 1944 -- "This is
  • Local News
  • DVD Review

    by Luke Baumgarten & r & Tarnation & r & Tarnation was on 50 critics' top 10 lists last year, but no one at the North Division Blockbuster had ever heard of it. "Is that even a movie?" one girl asked me. Not only is it a movie, we discovered, but they had a cop
  • Local News
  • Making Penguins Fly

    by Mark Hurtubise & r & There are millions of penguins in the Southern Hemisphere -- in fact, there are 18 species of them. Standing almost four feet tall and weighing up to 90 pounds is the emperor penguin. Because they can dive 1,200 feet down to hunt fish,
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  • Rhythm of the Garden

    by Ann M. Colford & r & There's something about the way a poet's mind works that's different from the vast lot of us. It begins with innate curiosity about the world and the lack of preconceived ways to interpret what is seen -- an ability I think most of us
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  • Good News/Bad News

    & & by Inlander Staff & & & r & & & Good News & & & r & & & "Spokane continues to burn while the mayor fiddles," & & said the last remaining member of the city's special West-watch task force, as she tendered her resignation. West's playing was especially merry th
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  • Take Two

    by Luke Baumgarten & r & The Island & r & You may have heard that The Island is about cloning. You may have heard that it deals with urgent ethical quandaries and the paradoxes of cutting-edge medicine. The Island, you may have heard, is so much more than just
  • Local News
  • Five Ways to Give

    by Leah Sottile & r & Project MOVE & r & (Mentoring Opportunities for Vocation and Education) & r & The lowdown: You may not be a genius, but chances are you know a heck of a lot about life. That's what Project MOVE is all about. MOVE matches up mentors with yout
  • Local News
  • Big Ag's Big Lie

    by Ira Boudway & r & If George Pyle thought at all about farming when he joined a Kansas newspaper 27 years ago, he thought it sounded like a pretty boring beat for a young reporter. Beyond that, he was ready to go along with what most people seemed to belie
  • Local News
  • Volunteering with Michael Bowen

    by Michael Bowen & r & Snapshot impressions from volunteering as a lunchtime food server at the Union Gospel Mission on East Trent Avenue: Scooping out turkey casserole onto orange plastic trays. So many downcast eyes. Glimpses of tattoos snaking down forear
  • Local News
  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff & r & The Dukes of Hazard -- Luke and Bo (Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott), TV's good ol' boys of the early 1980s, make a fine transition to the screen in this ridiculously plotted, action-packed and often hilarious tale of mayhem
  • Local News
  • The Little Engine Keeps Trying

    by Suzanne Schreiner & r & If the gods were smiling on Hillyard, they would look down at its manifold problems -- poverty, crime, unemployment and pollution -- and, like the playwrights of classical Greece, lower from the sky a deus ex machina to provide neat
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  • Buzz Bin

    by Inlander Staff & r & Pedal vs. Metal -- Promoters for The Roar 2005 this weekend are bringing in The Nuge Himself, Ted Nugent, as the Saturday night headliner. They're also holding a "Ride-In Bike Show ... open to all event participants who actually ride
  • Local News
  • Sandpoint Takes the Fifth

    by Jane Fritz & r & At a school assembly when I was in fifth grade, a woodwind quartet introduced us to classical music. The magic of that concert only lasted 50 minutes, but it awakened in me a lifelong love for listening to classical music and a desire to
  • Local News
  • Volunteering with Leah Sottile

    by Leah Sottile & r & At the stroke of 11, everyone shot out of their seats -- some grabbing walkers, others clutching tattered dolls, the rest shuffling into a wobbly single-filed line. I sat wide-eyed, wondering what the hell was going on, why I was the onl


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  • The Hillyard Festival

    by Suzanne Schreiner & r & What began as a harvest festival back around the turn of the last century has morphed into "a celebration of the greatness of Hillyard" in the 21st century. The theme is "Think of Yesterday, Dream of Tomorrow," reflecting where Hil
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  • Repackaging War

    by Sidney Blumenthal & r & Never before has a president suddenly discarded his self-proclaimed "mission." But after declaring himself the commander in chief in the "global war on terror," President Bush has tossed the catchphrase aside in an elusive search f
  • Opinion
  • Sound Advice

    by Inlander Staff & r & Not Just for Hippies -- If the strength of a city is gauged by the number of festivals it can handle, then Spokane is at bodybuilder status. Between the number of blues fests, lavender fests, brew fests, river fests that suck up every
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  • CD Reviews

    Ah, Victory Records -- the label that puts too much importance on everythi


  • Sound Advice
  • Boogie Man

    It was 30 years ago this month that a white guy from Miami took the reins of disco music and drove it deep into the pleasure center of America's brain. Harry Wayne Casey grew up singin


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  • Southern Comfort

    by Ed Symkus & r & The plot of this film -- money-grubbing Boss Hogg tries to get a strip-mining permit to destroy the little town of Hazzard; Luke and Bo Duke try to thwart him -- is inconsequential to the point of being utterly forgettable, even while you're

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