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  • Aug 11-17, 2005
  • Vol. 12, No. 43

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  • Take Two

    & & by Marrit Ingman & & & r & & lt;i & & & March of the Penguins & & & lt;/i & & r & Oh, the things we do for our children. Especially those of us who are emperor penguins. Trudging 70 miles across the frozen Antarctic, flopping down on our bellies when our feet get too tir
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  • Bridges to Nowhere

    & & by Rebecca Clarren & & & r & A mess of thorny devil's club and salmonberries, along with an old chicken coop, surrounds the 40-year-old cabin where Mike Sallee grew up and still lives part time on southeast Alaska's Gravina Island. Sallee's cabin is the v
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  • Hazardous Ride

    by Clint Burgess & r & To be successful in today's automotive industry, manufacturers have to walk a fine line between vision and practicality. If the products are too forward or too backward, a company can have unprecedented success or miserable failure. W
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  • Grassroots or AstroTurf?

    & & by Sidney Blumenthal & & & r & They're crowing about I-912, the anti-roads repair initiative that would veto the transportation package painfully passed by a bipartisan majority of the 2005 Legislature. They're responsible for getting it on the November b
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  • Buzz Bin

    But on Monday, not only did the CenterStage board "suspend" its de
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  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff & r & Duece Bigalow: European -- Rob Schneider is back in this sequel as the Deuce, your average Everyman who, incredibly, has a way with the ladies. In this installment, Deuce wants to be the best he-ho he can be, so he travels to Europe t
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  • Be Their Guest

    by Ann M. Colford & r & Imagine a musical with the message that true beauty is found within, that literature can calm the fiercest beast and turn him into a gentleman, and that learning to offer and receive love is what makes us fully human. Now imagine that
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  • Some Assembly Required

    Carl Perkins and his two-man crew, assembling the city's new gondola ride in Riverfront Park, were like kids who didn't want to stop and go to bed when they were almost finished
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  • Recently Reviewed

    & & by Inlander Staff & & & r & & & Max at Mirabeau & & -- Fine dining shows up even in a hotel restaurant located next to the Sullivan Road/I-90 on-ramp. And you know the Mirabeau Park Hotel is dedicated to total service, because the more than 100 items on th
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  • Good News/Bad News

    by Inlander Staff & r & Good News & r & Good news for Stalinist purging enthusiasts this week. Spokane Public Schools is getting cold feet over a new Washington state history textbook that features a half-page bio on Jim West, saying it brings up too many hard-
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  • Now Playing

    & & by Inlander Staff & & & r & & & The Bad News Bears & & -- While Richard Linklater's remake cleaves to the bone most of the way home, it lacks the fastball-to-the-noggin punch of the original. Still, there are moments of pure goofball zaniness scattered thr
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  • A Day in the Life

    & & by Inlander Staff & & & r & I'm riding along the Centennial Trail in the heat of an early Sunday afternoon, still wet from a jump in the Spokane River. Groaning across the apex of the bridge over Hamilton Street, I swerve to avoid running over a couple of
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  • Free(Masonry) Party

    by Suzanne Schriener & r & The Masons are having a party this Saturday, and they want you to come. The Centennial Street Fair celebrates the completion of work to clean and restore the exterior fa & ccedil;ade on West Riverside Avenue, just in time for the building's
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  • Gelato Joy

    by Mike Corrigan & r & OK, so it's situated inside of a strip mall. It's also (at the time of this writing) temporarily located on a dirt road thanks to all the obnoxious street construction along Regal. In spite of all this, Team Inlander sallied forth one
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  • DVD Review

    & & by Christine Beamer & & & r & & lt;i & & & Because of Winn-Dixie & & & lt;/i & & r & Movie adaptations of books are always tricky because of the time limit -- 200 pages must be nicely condensed to fit a two-hour picture. In movies such as Because of Winn-Dixie, the conden
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  • Letters to the Editor

    & & by Inlander Readers & & & r & & & Cable Is Sooo 1991 & & & r & It is sad but not surprising that cable TV companies across the country are marshaling all their political resources and lobbying might to halt the advance of cutting-edge technology that would of
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  • CD Reviews

    The Makers & lt;/a & Everybody Rise! **** & r & Pete Townshend was right: The music must change. And no one knows that be
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  • Pick Your Battles

    by Robert Herold & r & John Bolton was not a good choice to be Ambassador to the United Nations. A long-time Bush apparatchik, Bolton disdains diplomacy -- not a good trait for country's head diplomat to have. Indeed, he couldn't even manage to get Colin Powe
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  • Sound Advice

    & & by Inlander Staff & & & r & & & Pathos R.I.P. & & & r & Spokane's extreme music scene will take a hit this Friday night when Pathos, a five-piece whose brutal, technical mesh of death and black metal has assailed the ears of Spokane since 1999, will play its

Music & Film

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  • Jack of All Trades

    There's something to be said for real music snobs. These are not the people who simply listen to only the most obscure bands in a certain genre. These are people who love music for, well, the music.
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  • Not So Great

    by Ed Symkus & r & Maybe if they just called it The Raid it would have been easier to swallow -- because the word "great" doesn't have any place in this one. Based on the purportedly hard-to-get-through book Ghost Soldiers by Hampton Sides, this muddled, long

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