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Feb 18-24, 2010

Vol. 17, No. 19







  • Ill Wind

    Scorsese's newest thriller harnesses some fabulous performances but leaves the ending vague

    By Ed Symkus

  • Human Target

    Like most action movies, Human Target is formulaic. And like most action movies, we don't really care.

    By Daniel Walters

  • A Serious Man

    If this film has a point, it's this: "Life is pointless, and so is this movie."

    By Maryann Johanson

  • Mass Effect 2

    A fine-tuned role-playing saga full of mysteries, beguiling characters and some of the best gunfights in any galaxy

    By Marty Demarest

  • Some Other Films

    At a Whitworth film festival, define yourself against the values of Syrian musicians, war-ravaged Israelis and Hindu gods

    By Michael Bowen

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