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Jul 21-27, 2011

Vol. 18, No. 40





  • Meet Market

    Move aside, Costco: A sampling trip at the Spokane Public Market is fresher, tastier and comes with great stories.

    By Tiffany Harms

  • Strip-Mall Sipping

    Taste and See moves to the north side. Plus, Greek Street Pizza becomes Cafe Italiano.

    By Tiffany Harms



  • Armageddon Is People

    This quiet film carries the emotional impact of an atom bomb carried on the back of a giant robot chased by an evil wizard.

    By Luke Baumgarten

  • Alice: Madness Returns

    The Madness that's returning isn’t insane or inventive. It's routine and generic.

    By Marty Demarest

  • Old Man Left Behind

    An elderly man who wants to learn how to read deserves better than sentimentality and oversimplification.

    By Ed Symkus

  • Torchwood

    A Doctor Who spinoff arrives in America, offering easy stereotypes of Americans.

    By Luke Baumgarten

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