Issue of

Aug 23-29, 2012

Vol. 19, No. 45


  • Perfect Storm

    Despite national progress, leaders of a local LGBT nonprofit say they’re being forgotten

    By Heidi Groover

  • Burns Out

    As the city scrambles to keep Tim Burns around for a while longer, the police ombudsman says he may leave his post anyway

    By Chris Stein

  • Out of Sight

    Spokane City Council’s war on the poor; plus, more Matt Shea drama

    By Joe O'Sullivan





  • The Other Guys

    When Billy Corgan comes a-knockin’, side project bands get put on hold

    By Seth Sommerfeld

  • Pay It Forward

    Oakland singer Michael Franti believes you harvest the fruit of the attitude you sow

    By Ethan Maffey


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