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Jul 3-9, 2014

 Digital Edition


  • 'Summer Melt'

    Spokane Public Schools and local community colleges partner to make sure graduates who say they're going to college actually go

    By Daniel Walters

  • State Rights

    Wenatchee continues to fight marijuana; plus, new crime data for Idaho

    By Heidi Groover, Daniel Walters and Jacob Jones

  • 'Recovery Happens'

    For the first time, lawmakers were invited to tour Eastern State Hospital and meet with insanity-defense patients

    By Deanna Pan

  • No Respite

    North Idaho officials are disappointed after losing their bid for a crisis center

    By Jacob Jones





  • Slow It Down

    The Antlers' career is blazing forward, but their songs continue to deepen in spaciousness and melancholy

    By Nina Corcoran

  • Primal Nation

    Kithkin is providing the soundtrack for a conscientious generation looking to get in touch with their wild side

    By Laura Johnson


Special Guides

Dear Hearts & Gentle People: Norman Rockwell in Words and Music @ Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

Sat., Dec. 14, 2 p.m.
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