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Mar 17-23, 2016

 Digital Edition


  • 'Not Past Tense'

    Washington school districts are preparing for new requirements to teach tribal history and culture, and they're being asked to rebuild bridges that have been burned

    By Jake Thomas

  • Where the Buck Stops

    New details about SPD's downtown precinct; plus, Randy Dorn considers a run for Washington governor

    By Mitch Ryals and Wilson Criscione

  • A Better Bee?

    Researchers at WSU are trying to create hardier honeybees

    By Russ Walsh

  • Quick Hits

    Cannabis testing labs band together; plus, the deadline to apply for a retail license nears

    By Azaria Podplesky





  • In the Making

    Jennifer Kemple went from being one of the best local blues singers to doing her own hip-hop thing

    By Laura Johnson


  • A Big Hole

    Allegiant has a few surprises, but a baffling, lazy plot muddies the franchise

    By Maryann Johanson

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