Ex-Soviet counterintelligence agent at meeting with Don Jr., great news for Washington & Idaho, and morning headlines

click to enlarge Donald Trump  Jr. is not out of the woods yet.
Donald Trump Jr. is not out of the woods yet.


Fall of the Empire
What exactly happened to the Spokane Shock... er... Empire? Maybe naming your indoor football team after the most unreliable train in America wasn't such a good idea.

Washington is great for business ...
That's according to a CNBC ranking of business climates in all 50 states.

... but it's easier to get a job in Idaho
Idaho's unemployment rate is even lower than Washington's — though the quality of jobs vary.

Turn back the clock?
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos plans to revisit Obama-era policies on campus rape and look into the possibility that they denied accused rapists of their rights. (via New York Times)


Junior, Kushner, Lawyer, Spy
A former Soviet counterintelligence officer — a current lobbyist for Russian interests — was at that fateful meeting with Donald Trump Jr. last summer. (NBC News)

But that was before he was in power
Josh Kerns slammed Nancy McLaughlin for putting a tax increase to voters as a city councilwoman; now he's voted to do the same as a county commissioner. (Spokesman-Review)

Idea stealer?
Red Lion is suing the Hard Rock Cafe, saying their brand of hotels aimed at millennials is a total ripoff of their brand of hotels aimed at millennials. Meanwhile, we millennials will just keep using Air B&B. (Spokesman-Review)

Maybe they should have chosen an easier-to-say acronym than BRCA?
Republicans in the Senate believe that their revised health care bill is this close to passing, but it's not quite there yet. (New York Times)