Boeing in Spokane, murder suspect arrested and morning headlines


Aim high
Spokane leaders are ready to pitch Boeing on the idea of building a new plane right here in Eastern Washington.

Panic time?
Gonzaga looked great early this season, but the men's basketball team has had some bumps of late as it preps for conference play. Is the team in trouble?


Mmm, donuts
A long-time bank in downtown Spokane could be the region's first "food hall," joining a national trend of cramming a bunch of tasty spots under one roof. (Spokesman-Review)

Harsh reaction
Spokane police arrested a suspect in a recent South Hill murder; it was possibly motivated by a threat of eviction on the suspect's father. (KXLY/Spokesman-Review)

Siri, how are my bowels?
Big Tech is becoming an ever-more-present part of healthcare in America, for good or ill. (New York Times)

Last meals?
Prison food doesn't have a great reputation to start with. Now a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates the food is actually making inmates sick. (The Atlantic).