Henry Winkler's Barry performance makes him even cooler, Obama narrates a nature docuseries, and new music!

The most recent season of Barry, HBO's hitman dramatic comedy (or maybe comedic drama), builds winningly on its first two seasons, and the strengths of its lead and co-creator Bill Hader are a big reason why. But with each passing season, it's more clear how loaded the cast is with folks able to straddle genres, from the ruthless Fuches (Stephen Root) to the touching Sally (Sarah Goldberg) to the hilarious NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan). In the season that just wrapped up in June, HENRY WINKLER just might be the best of them all. As Barry's acting coach Gene Cousineau, Winkler's character has moved from buffoonish sideman to a man bent on vengeance to, eventually, a complex guy trying to make up for past transgressions against seemingly everyone in Hollywood. Winkler's a lifetime member of the cool kids' table thanks to his role as the Fonz, and the fact he delivers just as well on a show nearly 50 years later is a testament to his chops. (DAN NAILEN)

African hippos riding ocean waves. Adorable white lemurs leaping across craggy spikes in Madagascar. Sea turtles emerging en masse from the sea to lay their eggs. This and other footage in OUR GREAT NATIONAL PARKS is stunning, thanks to drone technology and ultra-sensitive microphones, with musical scores subtly integrated. If you're a nature doc fan (or of narrator Barack Obama), this five-part series on Netflix is for you. Virtually visit places you will likely never travel to in real-life, and in a way that doesn't impair the existence of those places... while they still exist at all. (CARRIE SCOZZARO)

Noteworthy new music arriving in stores and online July 15:

LIZZO, SPECIAL. After becoming a megastar with 2019's  Cuz I Love You, Lizzo looks to keep the party popping with more dance-ready hits.

INTERPOL, THE OTHER SIDE OF MAKE-BELIEVE. The veteran post-punk band might not be as alluringly darkly detached as it was during its Turn on the Bright Lights/Antics peak, but there's still enough brooding edge to garner a listen.

BEABADOOBEE, BEATOPIA. Rising London power-pop youngster Bea Kristi expands her Harry Styles- and Taylor Swift-approved sound with more catchy hooks on Beabadoobee's sophomore LP. (SETH SOMMERFELD)

Elvis Rosendo: Rosendo Está Aquí @ Moscow Contemporary

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