Don't let the holidays (puff-puff) pass by the smoker in your life who already has everything

Since cannabis became legal, more and more Washingtonians are partaking in its many forms. Marijuana users aren't stoners anymore, so today we celebrate cannabisseurs and herbivores, too. We smoke it, inhale it, eat it, wear it, soak in it, drink it, and so much more. Buying gifts for today's enthusiast isn't limited to lighters, incense burners, lava lamps and tapestries. Here are a few of our recommendations for those who ingest on your list.


Take the guesswork out of eating your weed. The Easy Cannabis Cookbook: 60+ Medical Recipes for Sweet and Savory Edibles by Cheri Sicard is available for purchase or order at Auntie's. These easy-to-use recipes can turn any meal or snack into a delicious bite of marijuana. It comes with a dosing guide so you can experience delicious food and a comfortable high without getting blitzed and over-munching. $15 • Auntie's Bookstore • 402 W. Main Ave. •


If your giftee is a fan of hot-boxing... I mean baking, you should consider these hilarious and well-made oven mitts and dish towels. Boo Radley's offers a fun selection of quality kitchenware, but we loved the Blue Q set, which cheekily reads: "The food has weed in it." No matter how you're ingesting cannabis, safety first! Keep your hands safe and your clean dishes dry with this delightful set. $14-$16 • Boo Radley's • 232 N. Howard St.


For those using cannabis to relax, Wonders of the World offers a huge selection of singing bowls. These singing bowls boast deep relaxation, muscle regeneration and pain relief. Try a hand-hammered metal Tibetan bowl or a quartz crystal bowl after you toke up; both produce deep, rich tones and feel-it-in-your-chest vibrations. $40-$425 • Wonders of the World • 621 W. Mallon Ave. •


The ultimate non-pot experience for someone who enjoys a good high is a light therapy session at Luminosity. Luminosity uses the Lucia Light, a tool used to achieve relaxation and internal transformation. Lucia lights use solid and flickering lights at varying levels of speed, brightness, intensity and frequency. An intense and highly personal experience, the user feels light spreading throughout their body, moving into a deeper encounter as the session progresses. What begins as slightly awkward or scary quickly becomes peaceful and calming. Enter a meditative state and experience deep relaxation, insight and wonder. Prices start at $75 • Luminosity • 501 S. Bernard St., Suite 209 •


At Atticus, look for Goblin Pottery's travel mugs. These beautifully made mugs are sealed with hand-cut cork lids. So, y'know, disguise your weed storage in this beautifully handcrafted vessel. Each mug is unique, having been wheel-thrown and hand-sculpted right here in Spokane. When you're done blazing through your sweet spliffs, use this treasure for a warm beverage like hemp tea or CBD coffee. $43 • Atticus Coffee & Gifts • 222 N. Howard St. • Also at

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