Readers respond to the upcoming 5th District congressional elections on Nov. 6

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Rep. Matt Shea


It was surprising to have the Spokesman-Review say that candidates for Washington's 4th Legislative District are not worthy of endorsement.

The newspaper rightly pointed out incumbent Republican Matt Shea is a wingnut, doing little for his constituents as he champions a 51st state. To say opponent Democrat Ted Cummings is too liberal and unworthy of a vote is an indictment of the newspaper's selfishness and courage to stand up for the community. Cummings believes in affordable health care, education, a clean environment, sensible gun control, unions and a living wage. Not exactly radical.

Our other representative, Republican Bob McCaslin, got a tepid endorsement, saying when he wasn't being the wingnut's wingman, he seemed benign. Again, his opponent was deemed too liberal. Democrat Mary May supports the same issues as Ted Cummings, has experience in government and the endorsement of local teachers, even though her opponent was a teacher. That should tell Spokane Valley voters something.

The newspaper should encourage voting rather than insinuate we don't deserve representation. It would have been better to ignore us than insult us. Show the newspaper we can think for ourselves and vote for Ted Cummings and Mary May.

Dave Trimmer
Spokane Valley, Wash.


In 2010 the Affordable Care Act was passed. People with diabetes, folks previously priced out of the health insurance market by their pre-existing conditions, were able to afford insurance. As an ophthalmologist I was able to save or restore the sight of many of these newly insured people before it was too late, people who were then able to continue to work, to drive, to read, to see their wives and children.

Over the next eight years I watched in dismay as our U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers voted time and time again to repeal the Affordable Care Act, pre-existing conditions and all. She did so, it seemed, with a grim determination to turn back the clock. She took every opportunity to peck away at the law, weaken it, make it worse and ultimately unworkable.

Now she says, "I'm offended!" at the mere suggestion she could ever vote the way she did, claiming she has always defended pre-existing conditions. Every time I see her I am reminded of the faces of the people whose sight I was able to save thanks to the law she has worked so hard to dismember and destroy.

This is the reason I enthusiastically recommend you vote for Lisa Brown, a woman with compassion that extends beyond the protection of her immediate family, a woman who understands that voting matters.

Jerry E. LeClaire, M.D.
Spokane, Wash.

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