How to enjoy the Super Bowl... In case you need a little help this Sunday

If you're like me, this year's Super Bowl seems to be lacking. Be it the tired narrative of Tom Brady and the Patriots once again representing the AFC or Maroon 5 headlining the halftime show, there's going to need to be something to spice up an underwhelming rendition of the biggest American sporting event.

Which is why I'm advocating for all fellow pigskin and pot fans to let this year's game be an opportunity to try out new methods of enjoying the game by fusing the two. Maybe prep some infused olive oil or butter and dank-ify your party's guacamole or popcorn. Stop by a shop and grab some of the infused trail mix bags to mix with a bigger batch of supermarket party favors.

If you're not part of the party planning committee, you might just need to settle on some suitable strains to toke on intermittently. Here are some ideas:

Blue Cheese: If you don't have a vested interest in the result of the game or are maybe even being dragged to a party you weren't necessarily excited attending, this indica strain is a great way to make it through with a smile and a few giggles. It's one of the rare heavy indicas that doesn't make you drowsy or lethargic, but excels at dealing with stress or anxiety. Get ready to enjoy a nostalgic visit from someone in the pop culture zeitgeist hawking you pistachios or sugar-free lifestyle sodas or what have you.

Laughing Buddha: The Super Bowl halftime show's de-evolution is mind boggling. As the entertainment industry becomes more and more divided and pop culture's consumption gets further individualized, it's hard for the NFL to book an act that moves the needle whatsoever. That point couldn't have been proven further than by the booking of Maroon 5 and subsequently sweetened by the additives of Travi$ Scott and Big Boi. The block of content in between game action has proven to be the birthmother of memes ranging from Katy Perry's dancing sharks to the selfie kid being bewildered by Justin Timberlake. This euphoric sativa strain is only going to make those giggle fits better. You may even coast with the added benefits of the awkwardly too serious commercials seeming pretty funny.

Mango Kush: If you're looking for a strong uplifting sativa, look no further. A few hits off of a vaporizer or bowl of Mango Kush will help you spark up conversations with your fellow party goers and give plenty to be amped about if you're not into the action of the game. Plus it will definitely inspire you to double fist on game-day appetizers and tortilla chips. ♦

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