Insider Insight: Derrick Oliver

The founder of the "Spokane Doesn't Suck" brand knows what he's talking about

When Derrick Oliver, aka D.O., isn't enjoying a drink on the patio at Perry Street Brewing, going to trivia at Iron Goat, or watching a musical at the INB Performing Arts Center, it's probably safe to say he's got some other event, show or gathering on his schedule that day.

Many people know him as the founder of the Spokane Doesn't Suck brand, which he embodies with a packed social calendar.

"I want people to see what I see in Spokane," he says. "It's just so great and there's so many cool things happening and available."

He was willing to share a few tips with Annual Manual, from where to find the unexpected and get your groove on, to the best spots to gnosh late at night.

1. Mix It Up

Some popular weekend venues might surprise you if you go during the week.

"To be fair, not everyone's going to go out on Thursday or a Tuesday, but if you have it in you to do so, you might experience something unique in a space you're not used to experiencing that in," D.O. says.

For example, the Bartlett, D.O.'s favorite spot to catch bands, occasionally offers a DJ set, turning the space into a dance club. Meanwhile, nearby nYne goes the opposite direction.

"Everyone thinks of nYne as a dance club, which it is, it's the best one in town for sure, but they also do karaoke a lot during the week," he says.

2. Live Shows

Other great places to catch live shows depend on your taste in music, he says.

"Mootsy's is a really fun place to go see a show," he says. "It tends to be more rock-and-roll or metal, which is really not everyone's cup of tea, but I love that bar." Baby Bar is another favorite haunt, and, "If you want to go up north and enjoy what is most likely to be a cover band," he says, "go to the Bigfoot, which is also a great time."

3. Snack Attack

After working up an appetite, most people who've been out past a certain hour know the Satellite Diner and Monterey Café are staples in the late night meal scene, but there are other places that serve food late that people don't generally think of, D.O. says. Keep in mind: Garageland, Ruins, and Red Lion BBQ.

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