On the Street

What is your fantasy summer camp?

Ashley Jones

I guess some sort of travel camp. Basically going around to national parks.

Why national parks?

Because it's my goal to visit all the national parks and travel.

Ben Diggles

Where I came from, there weren't any [summer camps] when I was growing up. I guess I would say science and computer programming, those were the things I was into growing up, things like Lego.

Zach Brendelson

Probably those ones you'd see in the movies, they've got fun water stuff — like a water park — super happy summer camp managers: Camp Sunshine.

Loren Carrillo

My dream summer camp is this internship I'm applying for involving foreign policy — global think tank with U.S.-China relations.

So why that in particular?

Because I think that is the the future and I wanna be involved in it and steer it towards peace.

Brandon Stover

Probably like a big music festival where you hangout there for a couple of weeks. A big lake with time to relax.

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