by Inlander Staff & r & & r & 30 Seconds to the Met & r & Jared Leto's prog-mo project, 30 Seconds to Mars play the Met Sunday. Leto complained that their first album created a fa & ccedil;ade that obscured his true vision. A Beautiful Lie, the band's sophomore effort, sought to rectify that. More important, Leto just finished playing the role of John Lennon's chubby assassin, Mark David Chapman, in the film Chapter 27, leading us to ask: have you lost that weight yet, homey? If not, our girlfriends aren't going to want to tongue kiss you in front of us.

Summer Reading and Rocking & r & The South Perry Street Fair kicks off tonight with Harry and the Potters deviating from their library-gigging Summer Reading and Rocking Tour to play a show at the "South Perry Summer Theater" (the Shop's parking lot). Though their synth-punk references only Rowling, the tour comes with a more diverse reading list (including Eggers, Vonnegut and Carl Sagan). Check it at

Barter System & r & Breezy's holding his seventh annual Music Swap. It's happening at Grant Park (11th Avenue and Arthur Street) on Saturday during the Perry Street Fair. He has 20 or so vendors lined up, but there's space for more at $15 a table. If you're interested, call Tony at Unified Groove Merchants, 230-9264.

15 Down & r & Friday, Just one day after he appeared as an answer in David Levinson Wilk's crossword puzzle, Syd Barrett, of Pink Floyd, died. No one had really seen the chap in 30 years, since he quit the band. (People often credit Barrett as being the world's first acid casualty.) Likewise, no one seems to know how he died. (The Guardian says cancer; Filter says complications from diabetes.) After leaving the band, Barrett lived his life the way most of his young fans do, as a recluse in his parents' basement. There's solace in that, we think.

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